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Subject: NYE Concert:):):):):)

Sorry I'm late, delayed in snow-storm took extra 12 hours to get home.

WOW excellent show folks, this was the ultimate time and was made so by all the beautiful awizard folks to share it with.:):) So gentle, and kind and caring, happy faces in all the places, we were to go.:) Special thanks to Cathy Lee, Deby, Mary and Nanna for putting this all together for us. My husband Jack enjoyed meeting everyone and really enjoyed the show, we'll make a Todd fan out of him yet.:)

I'll see if I can add a few more details to the Coalition Event with Todd. The Topo Gigio restaurant was our meeting place; over 25 folks had marvelous Italian food, drinks, toasts, and lots of hugging. I ran around handing out good-luck trinkets, and charms, for the new year. And we all received Todd buttons to wear to the show.:):)

Then we gathered in the hotel lobby of Days Inn and walked to the Park West. The "Gold Coast" area is beautiful, very classic, clean and well decorated with small shops and restaurants on the street level of these lovely brick buildings. The line wasn't too long, and our timing was perfect we were inside within a half-hour.

Park West was elegant and just the right size, nice tables and bars, domed ceiling, dance floor and balcony. The opening act Falling Wellendas, a local group were hot, good choice for an opening act. Durring intermission, I met even more fine folks from the awizard list.:):) Can't wait to see all the pictures.

Oh, lots of old soul and motown songs were played durring the break, and then we heard "Herb Albert" come on. Mad dash for the stage, and chairs...lights go down and out comes the guys hit ONe World.

TR was wearing that sarong skirt, Larry had on a football jersey with an Indian"s Head on it, Jessie was dressed in light blue shirt I think; I was on the other side of the stage and can't remember now, and Praire Prince was decked out in a glimmering and shimmering sequin jacket. Hmmmm, I can't remember what John was wearing, maybe he was nude.:)

I don't know if it was me or the sound up front but the 1st few songs seemed abit dis-jointed. For about the 1st half hour I took care/held of a sweet young lady in front of me, who had started celebrating a bit early.:):) (I'm sure we looked quite silly at times. hehehehe So I hope someone out there can remember and fill in these comments. Early arownd Temp. Sanity and Tiny Demons songs, TR said something about depression, that it kicked in the day after Xmas? And then there was a comment about wishing someone a happy birthday, that he didn't do things like that, kinda like Japan apoligizing for War Crimes?

Hammer In My Heart...was tight and I love this song, Oh and let me back up and mention Black and White and Tables Will Turn, jelled well.

Ocassionlly TR was handed, presents which he played with, one was a small box with a Scarab on the outside, and it was from the museum shop he said. I tried several times to get his attention to hand him the "EASY RIDER" Album autographed by Peter Fonda. Finally I just yelled at the top of my lungs "Peter Fonda Loves YOU!" several times and he looks at me like with a funny expression and walks over. I handed him the album, with a postcard from our Topo Gigio restaurant, telling him I got it for the awizard list that this was the restaurant we all ate at and that we were having a blast in Chicago, and now he could get Hopper's and Nicholason's autographes.:) WELL, he studied it for a moment and looked at the front and back cover. Then said, Its an orignal, there's Dennis Hopper, and something about Jack Nicholson's eyebrows.:):):) (I like to know what he was really thinking. Hehehe)

I was starting to loosen up now that I delivered the record, I had protected all this time from breakage. And started dancing to the Individualist then TR came over to our side and playing guitar, and Paula showed him her watch. Next thing I know the count-down is on, and then all up front where sprayed with champangne, whistling blowing, kisses.:):) The "In The Midnight Hour" song blew me away, I'd never heard him do it and boy did he get down on it, Then came #1 Lowest Common Denominator, and Esspresso, WE were WOUND up NOW.

And then came the Mystified with the Hamster Smoothie, now I had never seen this so I was curious. Some kind of blueish-green stuff was in a blender...he had a row of different little hamsters up there. Hmmmm I wondered how many it would take? Well he kept picking various ones up and playing with them; next thing I know one of them has a little pink penis on it and he's proudly displaying it to all of us.:):):):) I liked this part! Well he turns on the grinder /blinder and whrrrrrrr holds his guitar up there and makes funny sounds. (Jack my husband sitting at a table said this was one of the best parts that the guitar was making great sounds.) His guitar was peppered with this goo dripping off it. Hehehehe.

At one point in the show he pointed out that he had already been playing for an hour and half, I can't remember which song that was after. Anyway, My favorite song was the "Wheel" I was floating on that one, what a wonderful feeling to here this one live. Thanks TODD!

A set of drums were brought out; and we all new what was coming next. Todd said, "I promise this will be the last song." A guy was up to play drums and the next thing I new, bodies were flying by me as folks climbed up on stage. It was packed up there, so I stood there and enjoyed all the HAPPY SMILING FACES! It was wonderful!!:):) Then I looked up and there was TODD's MATE, Michelle! She was wearing a shiny, short, sleeveless, low-cut, silver dress. Wow, is that Michelle I asked, hadn't seen here in years. Yea well I shook her hand and wished her Happy New Years. Later she came down and visted with the folks and was very sweet and chraming to all of us.:):):)

I have a thousand small stories to tell, of his fantastic trip to Chicago and meeting the list members. Thank-god, I got it in gear, and went to this show, such wonderful people.:):) I'm sure I will remember more later, I'm still fussy from all the travel.

Thanks to ALL of you here on the list, even if you couldn't it make for NYE; for inspiring me to get out of my secluded little world, and enjoy meeting new friends. Thank-you again, I'm grabbing '96 by the tail.:)

Jackie RAe

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