Dinner at Topo Gigio's

Pics on this page by Deby Baker

"...We all reveled in pasta, toasting, pictures, and stories of tours past! Jackie bestowed beautiful, jeweled gifts on the ladies and medals of honor on the men! Mary handed out her handsome, handmade "Individualist" pins, and she & Lani shared their TR photo albums. Tulip bulbs from Holland were tucked away gently for spring planting. Wonderful, warm feelings all around!..."

pic by Deby Baker

Cordt's friend Sami, Cathy Lee, Jack, Jackie, Lion, Theresia

pic by Deby Baker

...and on the other side:
Mark Adams, Mary Adams, John Hermanson, Bill Pierron, Cordt Holland

pic by Deby Baker

Kurt & Diana Boehlein, Cordt's friend, CathyLee Brandstetter, Jack Larsen

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