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bubbles Still suffering (?) from a sense of euphoric fatigue, brought on by NYE in Chicago! Brain synapses aren't firing properly yet...will attempt to collect thoughts and put these incredible feelings into words, ASAP. Let me just say that TR's show became secondary to the gathering of the online family!

8^ ) Cathy

Kurt and Diana Date: 03 Jan 96 00:35:55 EST
From: Kurt Boehlein <76422.1153@compuserve.com>
To: tr MAILING LIST (awizard@planning.Ebay.Sun.COm)
Subject: Re: Giddy Blissfulness!

Here, here. Giving, sharing, laughing, hugging, kissing, INTERACTING (emphasis on the inter...). Could you believe this could happen Downtown?

and kurt/truks needed to know the meaning behind all the backslapping...

We were just slapping ourselves/each other to make sure it was real.

It was.

Best NYE, for sure. Diana's still talking, walking and trying to remember just who all those people were in our room.

I'm waiting on picture development myself... see what I come up with. One problem: all those photos we took late into the night may have suffered... I noticed the counter said 34 when I went to unload the film, unfortunately there were only 24 prints on that roll.

Tee-hee. I'll let you know.

Wish I could have met more people from this list at the show, but we stage standers have to guard our spots, politely of course, against marauding hordes of Amazon women Todd fans <'scuse me>.

Kurt... don't go mistaking any 'roos for dead now, hear?

{patting on the back now}

kurt (no hero)

From: Nilseh@eworld.com
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 1996 01:30:26 -0800
To: awizard@planning.Ebay.Sun.COM
Cc: Nilseh@eworld.com
Subject: I'm Beggin/and Thankin CLB and Nana, et al

Any audio/video of NYEve out there? Let me know what it will take to acquire it!

Also, and more importantly, Cathy Lee/Joe, Nancy and and all others, Thank you! I was under the weather New Years Eve, so I missed the dinner and the post concert activities. I did have a "coffee stop Chicago" on NY day, which was enough to make me upset that I did not meet all of you earlier. To those I met, nice to have met you!

To clarify who I am, to those who were there, I hope Lahhhhhhni redecorates with a computer in mind and I hope Kurt (?) {I'm sorry I can't serve you} will one day be served by all.

Go Green Bay (?)


From: Jhenry9@aol.com
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 1996 22:58:53 -0500
To: ish@ish.nl
Subject: Outstanding, Lion!

Hi Lion,

Nice job! The pictures so far bring back memories of a wonderful but much-too-short gathering. Really enjoyed meeting you and Theresa and everyone else at the event. We all split so quick after brunch, I know there's a few more I could have met.... oh well.

By the way, does anyone remember that cool digital camera Michelle was using at the concert? Maybe, just maybe, someone (with the right connections) could get her to upload or e-mail a few of those pics directly to you! Ideas, anyone?

See ya,

John Hermanson

From: LV2HARMNIZ@aol.com
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 1996 18:02:31 -0500
To: awizard@planning.Ebay.Sun.COM
Subject: 1st song of 96 was...

Hi all
it was probably listed on the set lists earlier but... Todd was doing Individualist and at exactly and I do mean exactly 11:59.59, they ended and then... celebration!!!! Happy New Year. they couldn't have timed it that perfect??? well then an absolutely fantastic version of... drum roll.... drum roll.... "In the Midnight Hour"... very cool, very hip, very sexy... way to go. Good choice of songs. Mr. Todd Rundgren (Pickett)!!!!

The last song of the night was Bang the Drum and it was great... He picked a guy from the audience to play the drum and then about 25-50 people jumped onto the stage and everybody just had a blast. it was soooooo flipping fantastic. Todd poured champagne all over everyone and of course we were all silly stringed to death. lots of the best energy on earth as far as i was concerned. thanks for sharing.

Cathianne Noble

Linda From: HildreLind@aol.com
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 1996 18:40:06 -0500
To: ish@ish.nl
Subject: NYE in Chicago


Many, many thanks for setting up this wonderful site! Looking at the photos and reading the stories; I'm flooded with happy memories, even though it was only a month ago it seems much longer.

Some highlights of the evevning for me?
A) Well, the MUSIC, obviously!

1) The Wheel; never thought I'd get to hear this live...my life is now complete.
2) The alternating of great songs old and new. a) Starting off the evening with "One World" was brilliant, really got everyone in the spirit, not they weren't already!
b) The 3 tunes from the Individualist were accompanied by everyone this time! Last summer only a few handfuls of us w/ the Japanese import could sing along while everyone else listened intently (a silence regarded erroneously by the media as boredom).
3) Todd's voice was fine. Beautiful. Mellow.

B) The people!

1) Naturally, being with friends I've met before.
2) The opportunity to see the happy faces of people I've been typing with for months.
3) Michele was as gracious and kind as she was beautiful.

C) The Party!
Nobody parties with more heart, soul and restrained abandon (sounds like an oxymoron) than Rundgren people. With the exception of the couple in front of me who were not having a good time ("That's the last time I give you acid at a Todd concert, you stupid bitch") everyone was absolutely lovely.

Thank you again, Lion, for supplying me with some terrific reminders of a delightful evening, and midnight, and morning....

I still am
the Lindavidualist.

(Linda Hildreth)

Date: Tue, 6 Feb 1996 03:04:11 +0900
From: hayako@ramune.bekkoame.or.jp
To: ish@ish.nl
Subject: Your web site

I just have seen almost all pictures at last.
It took a lot of time,and I really enjoyed all
the pictures.I've never met any of you,but I
post IMUSIC forum and Mailing List and Newsgroup
sometimes,so your site helps me a lot.Thanks.

Keiko Ohwada

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