TR-i Live at Park West,
Chicago NYE '95/'96

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Picture by Mark Adams

Picture by
Mark Adams Jackie Rae wrote:
A set of drums were brought out; and we all new what was coming next. Todd said, "I promise this will be the last song." A guy was up to play drums and the next thing I new, bodies were flying by me as folks climbed up on stage. It was packed up there, so I stood there and enjoyed all the HAPPY SMILING FACES! It was wonderful!!:):) Then I looked up and there was TODD's MATE, Michelle! (picture left) She was wearing a shiny, short, sleeveless, low-cut, silver dress. Wow, is that Michelle I asked, hadn't seen here in years. Yea well I shook her hand and wished her Happy New Years. Later she came down and visted with the folks and was very sweet and charming to all of us.:):):)

John Hermanson wrote:
By the way, does anyone remember that cool digital camera Michelle was using at the concert? Maybe, just maybe, someone (with the right connections) could get her to upload or e-mail a few of those pics ! Ideas, anyone?

Kurt Scheinflug answered:
To answer your question about Michelle's digital camera, she told me that she has either lost or can't figure out the software to get the pictures from the camera to the computer. So it looks like no one will be seeing any of those soon. Maybe on Todd's new web page?

I asked her about them because I *know* she has a shot of me and Jesse Gress during "Bang the Drum All Day". She mentioned the software problem then. I should have asked her to show me the pic on the camera though. Wasn't thinking clearly.

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