Date: dec. 21 1997
Message from: Cathy Lee Brandstetter

Subject: : Hope this is cool with all mentioned...

This is my list of those who have contacted me directly to get their heads counted in for hotel/dinner/post-show/brunch or some combo, thereof...

Apologies to those who didn't expect to see their names in HTML!

Cathy ****************************************

Garry Nordenstam + 3,
John Heslin,
Norm Stevens (NYE birthday boy),
Tim Lowe,
Ron Hromoko + Katy Bendel + Skorr Barr,
Lisa Beard
Diane Reedy,
Laura Lattner,
Ron Wayda,
Lani Hanson,
Hersch Forman,
Ken Owen + 1,
Kurt & Diane Boehlein,
Phil Appelbaum,
Kurt Scheinpflug,
Lion Keezer + Theresia,
Mary & Mark Adams,
Deby Baker,
Don Lindbergh + 1,
Jana & Carl Zetterman,
Chris Brown,
Nancy Mearkle,
Craig Schneider and Carol Schaefer,
Frank Nielson,
Tom & Joyce Jamrose,
Phil Parr,
Dan Ehman + 1,
Barb & Dennnis Breslin,
Cheryl & Kirk Morschauser,
Jerry Mocaby,
John Grizzell,
Karen Giocondi,
Cordt Holland &
I'll be there with Mr. B,
and my sister Mary and her hubby Chris and two of their buds:
Craig & Gail Hoffman (old buds).

Todd has indicated he would be there, too. ;-)
There are others who are still on the fence because of whatever reason.
Please let me know if you're willing to share a room/booth with anyone...

Date: 24 Nov 96 18:36:40 EST
From: Kurt Boehlein <76422.1153@CompuServe.COM>
To: Lion Keezer <>
Subject: 1997 NYE "Who's Coming"

Lord willing, count us in. Tickets have been bought, reservations made, domestic beer is stockpiled, and film canned.

Now all I have to do is tell Diana where she's going NYE....

Hmm... will wait until 3pm, 12/31.... worked last year!!!

Great job Lion.... Looking forward to seeing you (et al) again.



Date: Mon, 18 Nov 96 13:29:28 EST
From: Don Lindbergh

Couple of things re: the New Years show.
First, thanks Cathy for making the arrangements at the Days Inn. My girlfriend and I secured one of the double bed rooms. Secondly, does anyone know the onsale date for the Park West New Years show? I called Ticketbastard sunday and they knew about the show but not the onsale date.


Date: Sat, 23 Nov 96

7th Heaven Buttons

Hi Everyone!
1st of all, a BIG kudos to Lion for this site!!! Talk about yer Proactivity! 2nd of all, I am in the process of making buttons again for this year. If you plan on coming e-mail me your address & I will be glad to sendthem to you so that you have them before NYE. Otherwise, I will hand them out at the resturant before the concert. I know, last year there were a few that did not make it to dinner so we missed meeting.
3rd of all, I was so glad to hear the tix went on sale today (mybirthday!) & even happier to hear what the price was. My sister was planning on coming with us NYE but had to back out when I told herthat the tix might be around $70 like last year.! You have to realize she is not one of us. Later this morning I am heading out to buy 3 tix calling to change our reservation to a double. She doesn't know this yet. Looking forward to putting faces to those souls

Mary.J & Mark

It don't necessitate an act of faith to chant for love

Date: 06 Dec 96 09:06:41 EST
From: Deby Baker 102447.3725@CompuServe.COM Subject: FW/Top 10/NYE

Hope to see many of you on New Years Eve here in the Windy City!

Happy Holidays!


Subject: Chance for NYE
From: (Barbara C. Breslin)
Date: Sat, 07 Dec 1997 12:22:20 EST

Hi all, I just got the chance to go to the show in Chicago for New Years Eve. We were planning on going to the Cleveland show. But, Dennis will have to be working and can't, so, this is even better. Am I too late to join in the festivities? Anybody have any info to pass along? Can't believe we're going!! Anyone else planning on driving? I am praying for good weather, I hate to travel in snow storms! But, I'd rather drive than fly.


Message from: Hersh Forman
E-mail: Date: Dec 9 1997

Section: Bulleting board
Subject: : NYE
Here's my message:

Looking forward to meeting all you awizers in Chi-town. I'll be representing the Canadian contingent this time. This will be my first show in over a decade!


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