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From: Philip Parr & Michelle Tyler
Date: Nov. 25th 1997

Re: car-pool or join in our caravan

Coming from Lansing Michigan We've been mooching time from the computer at Michelle's place of employment (we don't yet have our own computer) but it looks likewe picked the right time to check out some of Todd's web-sites!Just purchased tickets today (11/24) and have to wait until tomorrowto try for reservations at the Day's Inn.

Our fingers are crossed.I'm informed our E-Mail address will be shown as soon as I send this.But since it's not our system, please reach us the old fashioned way.For those of you in our area who might like to car-pool or join in our caravan, you may call or write us at the following:

Phil & Michelle
366 N. Dibble #533Lansing, MI 48917
(517) 327-5509
Perhaps we'll all be emperor's of the highway.

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