Pic by Theresia Bos c.1997

Latest additions: Monday January 27th 1997

Over 111 great pictures taken by:
John Adams, Theresia, Romo, John/451, Craig Schneider and Hersh Forman.

Dinner section: 17 pics, lots of awizzards
Concert: 53 pics, must see!
Bulls: 13 party pics
1006: 9 compromising pics
Brunch: 19 hangover pics

Interesting p.o.v. here (good starting point)
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Just click in pictures to go to next, start with dinner and so on.
Average size of picture-files: 40 - 45k, mostly jpg's.
Use Netscape 3.0 or higher for best results.

To get some perspective of what these pics are about, read the full eyewitness reports (with links)
and concert reviews. I'm planning to add more text and info with the pictures, feel welcome to supply some yourself...


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