From: "Dave Mullins" <>

Subject: Lancaster 12/28>

Date: Mon, 30 Dec 1997 09:36:07 -0500

After the lackluster Philly show, I wasn't sure I wanted to make the trek to Lancaster. But I knew I couldn't let it end there. The drive to Lancaster was foggy and my temperature gauge kept lighting up.

The Chameleon Club is a smallish place (like a gutted row home), bars on all three levels. There is seating on the second floor. A bar in the basement. Things are looking up.

It was too crowded for me and the I didn't care for the opening act (generic female singer songwriter) I went too the basement, "The Lizard's Lounge", for cocktails. The Lancaster locals were very cordial.

For the life of me, I can't remember what Todd wore. He did have an acoustic guitar body with a cut-away.

One World (Normally a set ending song. at the end of the song...Todd says "Thank you...Goodnight")
Love Of The Common Man
Hide your love away

Enhanced cd demo
Video director on Facist Christ
Tables Will Turn
The Individualist
(Who would Todd cheer for in the Eagles vs. 49ers game. It doesn't matter as long as Dallas losses.)

The Viking Song
Sometimes I just don't know what to feel (Spur of the moment selection, Todd just can't quite seem to remember it and gives up proclaiming "Screw me..If some one tells that I tried this...I'll deny it." Let the denials begin.)
A Dream Goes on Forever (Todd makes up for previous fiasco) (Todd explains his involvement on Broadway) Free, Male & 21

Metallic Guitar
Tiny Demons (I miss Lyle on this one, but still a fave)

P Project Guitar
Black & White

Acoustic Guitar
(Cliff notes version of Jesse...Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck)
I want you
Hammer in my heart
Mystified/BDB/Mystified (I really miss the band on this one.)

Enhanced cd
Temporary Sanity
Espresso (Much better than in Philly)


The intimate venue helped this show to be much better than the show in Philly. Unfortunately, it still was not as good as the shows in the summer with the band. Hopefully, any (?) future tours will be with a band.

Date: Mon, 30 Dec 1997 15:48:47 -0500 (EST)
From: Simply Rae <>

Subject: Lancaster show

I was among the fortunate (600) few who got to see this show in the somewhat intimate setting of the Chameleon Club. First off, I support a previous reviewer's assessment of the very friendly nature of the locals who work there. I guess I'm just a naive big-city gal who will never cease being surprised and pleased by kindness, or friendliness, from strangers.

Todd was of course just great. It's the best treat when he performs solo because he gets more interactive and personal with the audience -- sort of like sharing inside jokes with the fans rather than the band. The routine of doing a set of songs on acoustic, then a set on piano, then the computer, then the electric was very satisfying -- this is an artist with a full range of skills and treats for the fans. The inclusion of "You've got to hide your love away" and "I Want You" was such a wondrous gift, plus dipping into the ancient bag of tricks for "Sometimes I Don't Know" and "A Dream Goes on Forever" would make every longtime fan just melt. But the truly weepy points for me were "Temporary Sanity" (when he describes a wounded victim in the street dying in a pool of blood as "he looks just like my youngest" I just lose it) and "Hawking" -- THAT one makes me cry AND get goosebumps, even just thinking of it now...

Lots of fun moments too -- at the end of some computer diddling that took up some of his time, he had been standing with his back to the audience, he finishes up and quickly turns to us, goes down on one knee and throws his hands up in exact mimicry of the Mary Catherine Gallagher character from the current Saturday Night Live series -- you know, "SUPER-STAHH !!" Ok, well I laughed.

I was pleased to finally hear "Free, Male, and 21" which was unknown to me. However, you could say once was enough. If Gilbert & Sullivan were writing today for Beavis and Butthead, it would probably sound like this.

I was very proud of all of us in the audience who restrained from demanding autographs until after the encores -- really, it was a mature and thoughtful thing to do. But Todd could have acknowledged such good behavior by hanging back a little longer to actually sign some, at least, more than 5 or 6.

For my part, I swung around to the dressing room door (after being thwarted by Chameleon Club sentinels who refused to let anyone not known to them get by -- "NO, Todd's not doing any more autographs") to wait patiently to get his signature on a photo of him and my sister taken in San Fran when she so kindly and sisterly waited in line at the Virgin bookstore to get me a copy of the Grokware book signed. It was looking surprisingly bleak and hopeless, and I becoming increasingly more self-conscious as a 40-year woman pathetically hanging around someone's dressing room. But oddly, and fortuitously, some guy who saw my plight and who knew one of the party of the inner circle in the inner sanctum offered to take in my photo and ask his friend to ask Todd to sign it. Which he did. So I am most grateful to and appreciative of this kind and nameless stranger. Thanks, whoever you are.

Speaking of dressing rooms, for those who need to know, Todd's outfit on stage was earthy-color harum pants, no shirt, and a Pakistani or Indian print vest festooned with various images, including one of the infamous "kundalini" (sp??) positions involving a tongue -- I think.

I was also fortunate to be with two of my RARE Todd-fan friends, one of whom was seeing him live for the first time, and who was thrilled and surprised and happy with the experience. Me too! It is easy to forget during the long absences that the live Todd is the greatest Todd. Incomparable, unique, generous and wholly satisfying. A Wizard, a true Star.

P.S. -- if I HAD gotten a chance to ask him personally for the autograph, I would have been compelled to ask him which came first, "Breathless", or "Treat Street" by Vince Guaraldi. Probably a rude question. Has anyone asked him or is it too rude a question to ask?

Date: Mon, 30 Dec 1997 20:43:17 -0500

Subject: Re: Lancaster 12/28

In a message dated 96-12-30 14:48:51 EST, VikingSong writes:

>>"This Amish guy walks into a bar ..."

>>I loved seeing all my old friends again ... and was that DYLee standing
>>the left wall, near the back? I couldn't tell for sure.

Thanks for thinking of me, VikingSong!!!

well, unfortunately, my wife and I had a rough time at the Lancaster show.

First of all - we didn't get in line outside early enough - in order to secure a seat
for the show. We got in line around 7pm (the line was pretty long by then) and
by the time we got inside - all the seats were taken. So, my wife (who is four months preggers) had to stand for the whole show -- and after a few hours, she was in pain!

- and when I think about it - it was a bad idea in the first place to bring her along
because of all that smoke. But the thought of hearing live Todd got the better of us.
......well, maybe more ME than HER.

anyway, the other thing that made it a bad show for me was the fact that we were surrounded by obnoxious idiots! I know in the earlier posts- some have stated that the Lancaster locals were nice and all --- But I have to say that the
outcasts must have all congregated in my "immediate vicinity". There were two drunk hicks standing next to us who were also smoking dope. And every chance they got -they would try to fondle the poor waitress.
And then there were two tall guys in front of us who were more interested in looking
at other guys around them than watching/listening to Todd. And finally there was that couple next to us that made out during most of the show.
And I don't even think they were even Todd fans. They admitted to each other loudly that they didn't recognize any of the songs.

Despite all that - I tried desperately to enjoy the show. Tables will Turn, Love of the Common Man and Fidelity were standouts for me. And Todd giving up on Sometimes I don't Know - was priceless.

Sad to say - my wife couldn't last the whole show -- her back and feet were killing
her - so we had to split during Hammer in my Heart.

and by the way, VikingSong, we were standing about five rows back from the stage, against the left divider wall. Where were you guys? and how well did your wife handle the show?

and I don't know how everyone else feels on the list -but I for one would love
to see Todd back in seated theaters and not smokey bars. I don't know how much input Todd has on this -- I guess it might all be up to the promoters.
But please, Todd, how about having your next tour in a healthier environment?

Back in N.C.

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