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for those interested in the useless details, read on.

we arrive on the 30th. it's cold. real cold. we find the DIGC (days inn gold coast) and everyone keeps asking me, "are you sure this is it?". i check in, "this is it!". the outstanding, friendly service at this fine establishment provides two card keys to room 808. neither work. a 'maintenance employee' soon unlocks the entire eighth floor with some magic key and we enter.

small room. real small room. two twin beds. three people. skorr barr and i are over six feet, GQ is 5'4". every room we had in japan was larger than this. actually, *half* of every room in japan was larger than this. we make do and get out for a bite with john/451, that rotten sob.

8:00p: we hit bigsby's to check out what nyd brunch will be like, but mostly because it's within walking distance. we drink, eat, rap, drink, look at pics, rap, and drink some more. all is well in lincoln park.

we head back to DIGC, where i offer up a demo of the enhanced CD on my laptop. skorr barr is more impressed with The Individualist wallpaper covering the small screen [thanks, ice!] than with the twenty-five minutes it takes me to get it going. GQ falls asleep. sob and skorr barr activate the climate control system to keep the room warm overnight.

at 3:55am, i awaken to the sound of my own fractured coughing. i'm sweating, and can't breath out of my nose. skorr barr is snoring contently as i stumble over to the window and prop it open for blast of that cold air. i try to deactivate the climate control system. no such luck.

we all arise around 10 - 10:30am. skorr barr makes it to the shower first. i struggle with the heater between massive phlegm expulsions. GQ then hits the shower, but has no water. i'm not just talkin hot water, i mean *no* water. the antique faucet controls just rotate off the fixtures and fall into the tub.

enuffs znuff. i call down to request another room, and get it. the 'bellman' brings up two new card keys for room 1211. ah yes... the top floor... must be pretty nice up there. GQ and skorr barr venture up while i pack up the laptop, speakers, and all the rest of my junk.

1211 has water, and it's even hot. now *this* is good living. as i'm putting my junk away in the new room, i begin to sweat. skorr barr is breathing like TR-i after espresso, and GQ's hair is straightening. "man, it's hot in here." we attempt to turn off the heater [radiator], and it's not even turned on. so, we open the window, and it's child protected to only open some six inches. we all crowd around the small space for fresh air.

GQ takes off her shoes, and says, "it's the floor. it's so hot, it feels like there's a fire on eleven." we must have been over the heating ducts.

1:00p: we dress, meet up with 451, and head downtown for a planned viewing of "Beavis and Butthead Do America". little did we know this movie would feature our favorite todd/b&b personality, Cornholio. [editors note: there were far more adults in the theatre than teens].

4:00p: back to the DIGC spa and resort. the lobby is now buzzing with TR-i loyals and excitedly polite introductions. most remember others from previous shows, events, or postings. it is here that we spot kurt waiting for us to return. our favorite salamander king has no room key waiting, even though john/451 was assured by the 'maitre d' there would be.

we truk it up to the massive Heslin Suite where i set up the laptop and queue up family values. we exchange tapes, i mean, pictures, stories, and sarongs. kurt provides the evening's lower garb, and we negotiate who gets which; and, which we give to Todd in a few hours at the park west. skorr barr dons a brown sarong around his head and imitates a middle eastern terrorist: "Allright, everyone to the back of the bus! Now! I must hear Miracle In The Bazaar five times...!!"

5:20p: we hit dinner. more introductions and picture exchanges preview the overpriced meal. name tag labels help us put names with faces, and meet new names. craig s. hands out pseudo-laminates and mary adams hands out 7th Heaven buttons to a crowd of at least forty or fifty. at this point, it doesn't feel like i'm heading for a Todd show that night, as i'm not rushing through an airport or fighting traffic in a foreign city or subway station. adrenaline.

8:15p: kurt and 451 leave for the pw early to get in line as schein's tix are will-call. kurt b, skorr barr, GQ and i fiddle with the laptop, send out a final message to awiz, prime ourselves for the gig, tighten the sarongs and we're off.

that chilling trek to the pw from DIGC was the longest four blocks i've ever walked. my legs were like two popsicles clung to my interplanetary- deal sarong. there was shrinkage in the house.

we walk *right* in to the PW around 9:30p, check our coats, grab some bad vino in a plastic cup, and head for Dood Central [stage right, audience left, right in front of the piano]. we meet up with most awizards from dinner, stake our real estate near the stage, and discuss the merits of this venue.

the PW is a circular theater. think of the lenny kravitz video, "are you gonna go my way" to get an idea of the architecture. staggered levels of boothed tables [like a vegas showroom] with a larger dance floor area in front of the stage. there are TV monitors everywhere, and two super-large screens at either side of the stage, the bottom of each at least twelve to fifteen feet off ground level. high ceiling all around. christmas lights and nye decorations adorn the stairwells, table edges and corners.

9:29p: as the opener drudges through his 45-minute set, most in the PW are starting to feel the effects of their alcohol du jour; some becoming obnoxious and impatient, like me. the majority of the audience just kept drinking. it was an interesting dynamic to be at a todd show which started so late in the evening [computah love at 10:45p], and to have most of the audience in a cranky melancholy for the first few tunes.

- Click here for THE OBVIOUS review -

after the show, we hang out in the pw for a few minutes. a few inebriated females [and males] make fun of our sarongs in several bad midwest accents. others want to have a picture taken wearing the horns, a redundant novelty i've come to loathe with a passion. we agree to reconnoitre around the corner at our once-a-year jazz club, bulls.

bulls is underground. literally. we descend the stairs, eat a six dollar cover, and stake a table-and-one-half in a far corner. the walls and ceiling are coated with pseudo-rock facade, a la flintstones. a tight quartet of overtalented locals form "Detour", our entertainment from 2 to 4am.

TR-i refugees begin to drizzle in behind us as the club buzz grows and the alcohol's second wind kicks in around 3:00a. GQ and i make fun of some overdressed, underaged trendies dancing on the stage. then, Detour breaks out with "superstition", and we find ourselves dancing on the tables, chairs, ...anything with a foundation. it is around 3:20a when sob enjoys his first free tequila shot of 1997 with kurt, cathyleeb, and me.

at 4:00a, we float back to DIGC, check the tropical temperature of our executive suite, then head down two floors to what has become the default post-post-new-years-eve partay for those still awake. the room is 1006, the name on the credit card belongs to one kurt boehlein [pronounced 'bay-line']. the doods enter to find kurt, kurt, sob, chef norm, hersh, lion, diana, cathyleeb, joe, craig, and a scary host of others enjoying the tunes, the company, the new year, chips & dip, and the p -eople. :|~

5:30a: GQ and i are of the *first* group to leave kurt b's room. brunch is in five and one half hours, and our plane leaves o'hare in nine. happy new year.

9:30a: alarm clock. i feel like i've been sleeping for three to four *minutes*, then ponder the possibility of still being drunk. shower, pack, then brunch at 11:00a. lion's page has some good shots of the hungover Awiz Team Internacionale in the jordan room. staggered groups of 'goodbyes' look and sound like the end of a summer camp jaunt. i realize the TR-i ties we create are strong in spite of only spending eighteen hours a year together. cause you know i worship the womenses...

Date: Thu, 02 Jan 1997 04:29:29 -0600
From: "Mary J. Adams" mjadams@execpc.com
Subject: I had a hammer in my head!

Happy 1997 Gang!!

Now that I have rested up from Chicago -whew- I can add some of my take on the whole wonderful ordeal.

I guess Hersh said it all best for me except that instead, I took my nap after I got home. Just a little too much fun perhaps? 8^) . When we went down for dinner, we walked in, went to the side area of the resturant, turned the corner & saw ALOT of people. I said "this is all US?!?" What a turnout...almost 2X as many as last year! It was nice to see some of the faces that I had meet during past TR-i gatherings (Cathy & Mr CLB, Kurt & Diane, Lion & Theresia, Deby, just to name a few) but also to put faces to some of youze other guyz out here! There were those from last year who were missed. To follow was sitting, chatting, drinking, eating, passing photo books, scoring on some NEAT loot (Craigs "back stage passes", t-shirt that were ordered from him, my NYE buttons, Nancy's name tags "Good idea, girl"), hearing Craigs adventure of hanging at the airport & flying into Chi Town with OH! I'm sure he will fill us all in..."tell me again, Craig", and of course, getting to check out the guys legs! The resturant staff were great. They did good concidering all the people they had to work around.

Up to the room to freshen up & head out to the Park West. The doors were already open when we got there, went right up to the dance floor to the right of the stage. We ended up center by the end of the show - too much bogeying! The next thing I know, I'm hugging the people that I'm stand next to...Dan & Jan and Dawn. I meet these folks durning the NWO tour in Milwaukee, We meet at a few more concerts then (Indy & Chicago). What a nice surprise.It was really nice seeing these folks again. They are not online & makes it hard to keep in touch. We kindren spirits should all feel fortunate that we have this wonderful medium to stay "in touch" with each other. Concert was great, opening guy Nick was very good, Todd was great...glad I wasn't center stage when he was spittin' on his acoustic! The play lists are posted so I don't need to go into it. I'm alway too busy listening/watching to bother with them. Besides, I saw that Kurt was taking care of business. After the show stood around & talked abit more with folks, made kinda spur of the moment plans to road trip it to Indy with Dawn so it looks like Mary's new year is off to a GREAT start 8^)! Don't know this all transpired (she says gleefully) but it sounds as though a few of us are going! Unless that was our hungover stuppor talking. How 'bout it Kurt & Cathy...Are we on the road again?

Next, on to the Bull's Club. Didn't hang around to try to see Todd like some lucky ones. The Bulls Club was a great idea..way to go, Cathy! The band was great...did anybody catch their name? I feel bad that I missed it. We were one of the first few there from the group. Saw Ken so knew we were in the right place. This was a very comfy intimate club. Wizzers started filing in & it got down right cozy in there. We really enjoyed this band...oh, i guess I already mentioned that....but they WERE great! The harmonizers in the audience wern't so bad themselfs. That last song was pretty good...put a smile on everyones face...She's a HO! As everyone was filing out, the band members made it a point to hang near the exits, shake hands & thank us for coming...pretty neat. It was a very festive time.

So back to the hotel we go. Mark & Maxine are fading away but I'm just too geared up,yet. I hear about an alledged party in 1006 so I head out. Hung out, chatted, listened, drank some (like I needed anymore!). BTW- who do I owe a drink to for that great beer? Yum! Made it back to the room about 6ish (DAMN!), got a few hrs sleep & then up for brunch.

Mark ran down to the lobby for coffee to get us jump started (I should have brought my espresso machine). Got packed up, checked out, stashed the bags in the car & headed out to Bigsby's. Ordered a coffee & a Bloody Mary right off...i had a hammer in my head. Haven't had that much "fun" in a long time! A little more eating, pictures, signing books, thanking Cathy for the great job helping to get our 1997 off to a great start & planning for Indy 8^). Then it's goodbye's -sigh-.

Happy 1997 to everyone on the list. We sure did miss alot of you this year & you were in our thoughts. Pictures are on their way to Lion. Can't wait to see them all!

Mary (Mark, too)


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