Date: Mon, 30 Dec 1997 21:40:46 -0800
From: "Craig I. Schneider" <>

Subject: Columbus Show - F_ckin' incredible


Just a quick note before I get packing for chicago. The show this evening was great. Todd Played for a little over 2 hours. Famous momnent was during his 3rd song of the evening, Cliche, "Shit, I forget the words already!". Plenty of computer crashes....During a demo or the "I", and on "Secret Society", about 2/3's into the song, the computer kept repeating the chorus till Todd said "fuck this"...and shit-canned the song. Todd's voice cracked a few times as well and a mic at the piano kept falling down. It was the Todd concert we've all grown to love....

Todd was certainly in good haglers in the audience. The venue "Ludlow's" ended up to be really intimate place. Small stage, about 500 people, mostly standing (no or few tables). I won't list the songs, someone else can do that.

It was really a great time.... we saw so many folks, onliners and offliners....a few include Lisa Beard, Diane Reedy, Ron Wayda, Nancy Mearkle and Dan Studebaker just to name a few.

I'll see some of you in Chicago tomorrow!!!


Date: Tue, 31 Dec 1997 10:30:48 -0800
From: Len Studebaker <> Subject: Columbus Show Notes (long)

Hi Friends

One dynomite show. Ludlow's had little line early, weather mild. Inside, small stage, moved chairs way back with lots crowding room surrounding. Craig handin out Seriously Rundgrenized stuff,( doin his job, Kim) each time line swelled. Met Lisa Beard, Nancy Mearkle & friends, with great couple from Oklahoma up by stage, lots photos of Todd passin around. Happy & serious fans tonite as there wasnt alot of publicity of it. The place was packed & buzzin 5oo souls TR arrived. (Thank God the opening act wasn't a comedian, and he could play some great Kenny Loggins...)

Everyone on their feet as far back as I could see and into it. Politely rowdy group. (It is the Midwest) Todd arrives and looks happy to see the entourage so up close & packed in. He sports a blue fishy-aquarium motif sarong with non matching patterned shirt opened. Kept fallin off his shoulders on #1LCD to entice all the ladies... We in the spit zone, women with cameras could nearly get an eyeful (lensful?) of whatever pattern was on his underwear (some were trying--not Lisa) No matter, he was into it...

He made lots of comments tonite to us.

Picked up black accoustic "this is a brand new guitar"(a Takomine) and played Love of The Common Man , You Got To Hide Your Love Away, and Cliche. Somebody had tossed Hershey's kisses onstage when he came out. After smashing one on his barefeet, between tunes, he stuck his foot out into our faces. "What the hell is this? I guess it could be worse.It could've been a burning bag of shit! Now it's a peppermint paddy!"

The crowd responded intensely to first songs. "Careful, I'll respond to anything. I might put strange quotes all over my body, You people are too wierd already.. Everyone in a festive mood tonite!" Crowd roars...

My 17yr old son is the tallest guy near the front. Ive weaned him off Marilyn Manson to really enjoy Todd. Not alot of younger folks in this crowd. I was pleased so many fans spoke to him and treated him well. Nick put up a handsign the younger generation use you may see on Beavis/Buttface- 2 fingers up like horns) and Todd spied it and said "Wow it looks like I be stealin some fans from Ozzie" and put up the sign. It made Nicks night, believe me. He rocked out with the rest of us... father & son interaction (sigh)!

TR picked up the tourquoise? electric ax. He ripped and grinded thro #1LCD that was so intense I even got turned on (sorry) With so many ladies in close proximity it was not difficult... be certain with sexxxx...

TR cued up the CD-I and walked thro explaination of what an enhanced CD can do for you Todd watched with us on the monitors the working of the booting of Individualist cd-i so we could all see and watched some of the pod tour interactivity scenes with us as Fascist Christ played. He launched into Family Values and had some great stage antics like grabbin his ass and "talking along" with the VP about Integrity. It was clear that what we were there for was more like what Family Values were all about. We got them

Lisa handed todd a muticolored slinky that he used thro The Individualist that he enjoyed. One fan yelled on his way to the piano Play we gotta get you a woman! TR replied "You talkin to me? To me? Or that guy standin beside you? The piano had a camera mounted so that other side of stage could see him on screen. Someone had graciously given a wicker basket with a pie and some cassettes sitting on the piano. He held it up and said, "AH, let me tellyou about the parable of the pie & the cassettes!"
The microphone was really shitty sound from there, fuzzy, and Todd tortured it trying to get it situated right. "Oh no, a flaccid microphone" His sound man (who was simply mixing it to the right of TR on stage) ducttaped it rigid ,to applause. It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference-- more ladies appearing somehow nudging their way around me to the front, swaying, scheming & dreamin... Nancy M was stage left elbows on and definitely in the zone.
Song of The Viking-- very fast & comical but he did complete it. No horns in crowd to be seen...(missed you Vike)

He waxed prolific about the prelude to Free, Male & 21 about writing it for the NY Sphincter (Shakespeare) Festival for the Pubic (?Public) Theater series, the aborted screenplay for the Beatles 3rd movie, but a hammer put a dent inthe gay writers head via a disgrunted somebody that ended it all... He apologized somewhat for writing it to the women in the crowd but admitted he does "worship womenz" and hes just a "product of what you womenz have made us". Yeah, Todd... I thought was the weakest content and tune of the list but was ok. The men of the audience were invited to sing the chorus. No dice. He commented they sung it up in Amish country sso much better and that we musta "not been raising enough barns lately"

Black & White was blistering as usual. Whipped everyone up to then play I Want You. Then One World. He had forgotten what he had played he remarked which prompted a giant request barrage from the floor. Back to CD-i

Excellent Secret Society for 2/3 of it till the computer crashed and kept looping the backup vocal track. "Fuck You" he remarked. This bastard's callin all the shots!" Some of the audience wholeheardedly agreed and asked for some non digital mussic. Todd had to regroup. And reboot. "It's the giant pregnant pause that comes after the crash that's bad..."
Not for us cause we got a song out of him on piano "Dont pummel me in the parking lot if I fuck it up" that hadnt done before-- LOST HORIZON! He did a good rendition and said finally "that's about all I can do" Then laughed, "It's kinda like sex for the first time--it's wierd and sloppy and you're not sure if you WANT to do it all over again--BUT AT LEAST YOU GOT THROUGH IT!"

CD-i booted up: TR launched into a bodyvibrating organ backup to Beloved Infidel, with his eyes closed singing that was so soulful it was entrancing literally. I spied Lisa centerstage she was right in the space that the song was How sweet it was. "Lost in meditation, awaiting your return..." We all been there, haven't we?

Tables Will Turn was intense, being so close to todd blistering that guitar was a mindblowing experience for me. Swirling energy seeing every little quirk of emotion cross his face, in his toes and legs, his fingers hum on the qitar frets jammin the sound...Craig Lisa and Nancy all got some great photo opps that I hope to see. (And me w/o my camera) The computer almost gained the upper hand on this tune near the last but the soundman's handsignals pulled it out for OH.

Encore: WWE bouncing all over the stage as we were frontstage. Couldnt been better.
HAWKING How can his voice be THAT good at the end of the concert? Superb!

EN Closing: Caught TR out side door enroute to taxi. Graciously chatting & signing
stuff. Signed a book for a sister of a long time fan who just died before he could see em. I got my Todd LP poster with the names on it signed " The Individualist TR-i". I made my plug to say keep exploring the Metaphysical arena in the music cause alotta people are following where youre going. Seemed to catch his interest. Least I cast my vote.

TR got in the taxi before my son got his shirt signed. But he stepped up and pressed the finger sign on the taxi window and Todd put his fingers up to mirror his on the window. As he drove off, he looked back and realized that it was Nick who gave him the sign in the audience. He smiled real big. What a REAL, genuine,songwriter & human being.

On way home, I asked Nick what that 2 fingered 'horn sign' meant. He said it showed RESPECT FOR THE MUSIC. I was proud of him. I turned up NWO loud and we cruised home happy as pigs in shit.

Enjoy the shows. Lotsa GREAT TR fans out there. Life IS Good !


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