Date: Sun, 5 Jan 1997 13:55:05 -0500

Report From Cleveland

This was the second of two sold-out shows at the 900-seat Odeon in Cleveland. The advertisements I saw for this show noted that Todd would be playing "all the hits." Well he played some of them. After the first song, some guy yelled out for "Hello It's Me." "You got a lot of guts," was Todd's reply.
This is the type of Todd show I love - TR by himself. Reminded me a lot of the early Utopia tours, when Todd used to open the shows accompanied by tapes, or at the piano.
Todd was very loose this evening and in fine voice. I actually memorized the set list, by using stupid memory tricks. I won't bother to go into detail other than it begins with ButtHead.

Black & White
Hammer in My Heart - started out on acoustic guitar, but Todd
broke a string and stopped. "That's the

second verse rule." TR quipped. "If you
break a string before the second verse,
you have to stop the song."
Restarted the song with electric. Very
I Want You
Family Values
Can We Still Be Friends - Todd flubbed it at the beginning and
stopped. "I just realized I haven't

recovered from New Year's Eve. I
think I'll come back to this one a
little later."
It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
Too Far Gone
Free Male & 21 - Yeah, my fave "Up Against It" song (next to
Parallel Lines), but got a lukewarm response
from the crowd
There Goes My Inspiration
Tables Will Turn
Woman's World - Rockin'! The best I've heard TR do this one

Can We Still Be Friends -much better this time, everyone is
singing along
A Dream Goes On Forever
Worldwide Epiphany

The Wheel

Message from: Ross

Cleveland Concerts

Here's my message:: It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it... 2 nights of Todd at the Odeon in Cleveland!!! Uncle Juan and I were with Ricky and half a dozen others on Thursday, 4 rows from the stage and picking up sandwich parts from what seems to be a Cleveland tradition for Todd...

Food Flinging! Todd was relaxed, fun and just fine TYVM! I'm not a setlist freak, but it seemed to me that the range of music was broader than most recent tours, and the ability to use the technology, the piano, the acoustic gave Todd free reign.

The crowds were lively and mostly mellow, with the exception of a very few screaming jerks and the inevitable airhead... "Will he sing 'Hello, It's Me?' That's my favorite!" Duhh! Notables: "Real Man" on piano Thursday -- awesome! "Family Values" -- Lots of teens with the! ir Dads, including my daughter Erin and a guy who hadn't seen Todd for 15 years bringing his 15 year old daughter.... Todd was broadcast live on WNCX 98.5 on Friday, lots of tape copies out there, for sure... even tried (and succeeded 2nd time) "Can we still be friends" on piano -- sweet!

"Cliche" -- a personal favorite!Marvin Gaye tune on acoustic but no "Hide your Love away" Friday... did it Thursday though! And personally, could listen to anything The Man wants to put out there for as long as he can do it! Imagine, an artist you can trust!Great mix, loose and fun, self-effacing and relaxed... what could be better?

A third night, but my lungs, liver, and marital status probably couldn't take it! By the way, Lion, thanks for a great site and all the work! I'm a novice at Todd. Web, but I really appreciate all you maniacs in the hard core! Hope to see you all in Cleveland some time!

A Ross

From: Russell A.Monaghan Jr.[]
Sent: Saturday, January 04, 1997 12:07 PM

Subject: 1/2/96 Cleveland Show

Hi everyone, Arrived home late last night from Cleveland, what a great city.

We got to the Odeon around 6:30 waiting for the doors to open at 7:00. Found many in line already. By the time Todd came out on Stage there were over 900 rockin fans inside.

The opening act of guitarist of Jim Tigue and fiddle player Ed Caner did a great job of entertaining the crowd especially Neil Youngs "Rockin In The Free World". But it was Todd everyone was waiting for.

When Todd appeared on stage he was wearing his NYE present, a brown and purple sarong,with a brown and pruple vest. He looked good and very relaxed.

The set list:

  1. One World (acoustic)
  2. There Goes My Inspiration (acoustic)
  3. Love Of The Common Man "
  4. Hide Your Love Away "
  5. CD-i demo with Fascist Christ
  6. Temporary Sanity (mac)
  7. Family Values "
  8. Real Man (piano)
  9. It Would'nt Have Made Any Difference (piano)
  10. Viking Song "
  11. Black And White ( electric)
  12. Hammer In My Heart "
  13. Tiny Demons "
  14. Induvidualist (mac)
  15. Tables Will Turn
  16. Too Far Gone (piano)
  17. #1 LCD (electric)
  18. WWE "
  19. A Dream Goes On Forever (piano)

All in all a great show. I never have heard him in such great voice, strong and only a few missed notes. You can really tell he just loves Cleveland.

Also for those interested or live in the Cleveland area there was a nice review of the concert in "The Plain Dealer" fridays issue. I only have one copy would be glad to make copies for anyone.


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