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first post in (20:43 Chi-time) from Romo, a true hero! As for pictures, they will be in a separate section in this website and as I'm still traveling (this update comes from my Powerbook on a Compu$erve dialup connection in room 615 in the Days Inn) this will probably be somewhere around saturday afternoon.


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Date: Wed, 01 Jan 1997 20:43:13 -0800


not only is nye a cultural excuse for americans to get toxic, but a great
opportunity for fans to get together and enjoy a TR-i show at the Park
West. and we did.

because of the benefit of a digital alarm clock atop the 8500, i'm able to
provide Difference-like timestamps for many of the following selections.
the ones for which i don't, kurt or sob may fill in said times, as we were
all pretty hella-stoopid after 12am.

------------- 12/31/96:

09:28p Nicholas Marco takes the stage for a 45 minute acoustic set. the top
five rock cliches are met explicitly. we all look at our watches way
too often.

10:45p computah looove

10:48p Todd calmly walks on stage and immediately begins to shake hands
from the audience. kurt hands Todd a small gift. Todd looks at
kurt, smirks, and walks towards center mic to unwrap a purple-brown
sarong with a random hand-pattern. everybody oohs and aahs as
Todd mentions even though it's missing a digit [it only had five-
fingers], we can still just bypass the performance and do a fashion
show. a black ibanez acoustic is picked up and tuned down for:

10:50p hammer in my heart -- every shitty pete townsend song...

10:55p common man -- T has to wipe the 'hammer spit' from the shell of the
acoustic. the voice is there, but only when you don't expect it to

10:59p cliche -- i've seen T rested and stronger at many shows, but few
where he appeared so relaxed as this evening.

the enhanced demo is enhanced by the monstrous video screens on either side
of the stage, and nineteen-inch monitors sprinkled throughout PW. Todd has
a big sony on stage to play fascist video director. the sound system cranks
in this high-ceiling hall.

11:10p tables, fam vals -- the closeness of the toxic crowd makes it hard
for all of us to dance; but it's nye damnit. most just flail arms
and search for a rhythmic clue. none here. the whole front row
hold up neon green signs for the faux p-funk chorus, because the
family is all in the house.

? p real man -- T finally moves to the piano, where several shout obscure
requests. kurt then channels the energey from the horns into a
well-heard "Real Man, Todd!". T perks up and acknowledges schein's
request. then plays it. too cool.

11:31p compassion; too far gone; f, m, & 21 -- T finally finds a crowd that
will sing along to the chorus at his request. and really loud.

11:48p tiny demons -- the crowd is getting ansy with the midnite thing
drawing near, so the vibe is crushed on this.

11:52p m/bd&b/... -- kurt predicts he won't make it, as we all know this
blues medley clocks in at over ten minutes at even it's shortest
version. kurt's right. T starts the jam which brings him back
to the mystified reprise, then looks at the clock. it's 11:59p.

11:59p oops, secret society -- no countdown, no noisemakers, no screaming
in unison. the red led alarm reads 12:00, and T launches the CuBase.
we all find our significant [and not so significant] others to wish
happy new year. streamers and silly string begin to fly. Todd is
offered a hit from the audience, takes it, and tells clinton to "deal
with it." the crowd goes wild.

[editors note: i'm sure there will be other posts on this
midnite-misfire-and-maryjane new years celebration.]

-------------- 1/1/97:

12:08a black and white -- the park west partay has arrived. where can i get
this midi version? anyone? waking dreams? anyone?

12:15a tie you down -- the black acoustic fills the huge room. many hearing
for the first time live. everybody digs it.

? a I -- T dons sparkly sunglasses and a neon magic wand from lisa beard
for the goofy choruses. sob, GQ, kurt and i hold up signs which
read "WE AM" for the ending strains. fun, fun, fun at the PW.

? a espresso -- few would disagree that this was the best song of the
night. we all found room to dance, and T continuously jumped up
and down with hands at sides during the choruses reminiscent of the
utopia "real man" ending choruses of years past.

T is spent.

-=-=- encore -=-=-

? a dream goes on forever -- deliberate piano delivery.

? a wwe -- another request i have for acquiring the midi version. this
rocks. it is here i again realize the strength and quality of the
PW sound system.

-=-=- encore -=-=-

12:44a hawking -- if it wasn't for the return of 'the drunken guy', we
would've all enjoyed this. from what i was able to ascertain, T
hit this pretty well. sometimes you don't know til the end if
he's going to.

you and me, honey... under the piano

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