Message from: Jeff Maziarek

Subject: Thank You to Lion & other Contributors

THANK YOU for producing such a great web-site. It was a pleasure having access to such quality information from such nice folks. The setlist reports were both entertaining and informative, and each time I accessed the site it was great. My wife and I enjoyed the NYE show a great deal for the second year in a row, and hope that all who attended were as happy as we were leaving the venue that night.

Since my wife's all-time favorite Todd song is Hawking, she was absolutely thrilled that he closed the show with it. The only negative to the whole experience was some drunk guy rudely screaming things out during some of the more mellow songs. Oh well, one needs to have Compassion doesn't one? In any case, even though I don't know any of you folks, I wish you all a wonderful new year with good health, happiness, and prosperity. Gratefully,

Jeff Maziarek
Elmhurst, IL

Date: Thu, 2 Jan 1997 23:47:47 -0500

Subject: : Radio Silence

Here's my message: Consider it broken...WOW!!! Cathy (who lost her voice on NY Day, which is a poor excuse for not having posted anything anywhere yet... Still assimilating it all)

Date: Thu, 2 Jan 97 01:42 EST

From: (Ken Owen)

Subject: NYE/CathyLee

Hey All!!

3 cheers for CathyLee and all she did to make NYE a blissful bash! The dinner arrangements were perfect, the group was much bigger than last year, the party favors were divine (thanks to all!) and it was great to see everyone again (or for the first time).

I just got home from anchoring a bowl-game delayed-'til-after-midnight newscast on 2 hours of sleep... sorry I'm not making more sense.

Happy New Year to all!


Date: Thu, 02 Jan 1997 02:11:42 -0500
From: john/451 <>

Subject: Re: NYE/CathyLee

> > 3 cheers for CathyLee and all she did to make NYE a blissful bash! >... sorry I'm not making more sense.

Makes *perfect* sense to me Ken.

i once heard the name CathyLee and thought of sweatshops and saccharine so-called music. now all i think of is nye bliss. (prior to pw 95/96 and 96/97, to me, nye has always been like mother's and father's day to the menendez brothers... just another day) i can't say enough for the planning, especially the post show partay place. from start to finish, job well done CLB!!

now, if only someone else would purchase the DIGC, put a couple more elevators in, a heating system that allows the possibility of a happy medium between sauna and walk-in fridge, and employees that are able to honor simple requests...


by the way, post post partay in 1006 or thereabouts was a blast as well, thanks to kurt b (and whoever else provided the food and drink of which i partook)


Date: Tue, 31 Dec 1997 19:42:06 -0800
Subject: merry new year from chi-town

kurt, kurt, sob, gq, skorr barr and i are heading over to pw. sarongs in the house, boyeee.

everybody's having fun, our default hostess cathy lee is the utmost in style and grace. wish you all were with us [well, most of you...].

innebriated review to follow in a few hours.

now the city's a jungle again

Message from: Mary

Section: Latest news

Subject: : Pix on the way

Hi Lion & Theresia-Welcome back get some sleep! It was GREAT seeing you 2! Just wanted to let you know that I sent photos that Mark took to you yesterday morning. Hope you can share some of them with everyone. I'm anxious to see everyone elses photos, also. Saw alot of cameras there. Great start to the new year I must say.


Date: Thu, 2 Jan 1997 23:47:47 -0500

Subject: Radio Silence

Here's my message:: Consider it broken...WOW!!! Cathy (who lost her voice on NY Day, which is a poor excuse for not having posted anything anywhere yet...Still assimilating it all)

Transportation from airports to Days Inn

Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1997 00:23:50 -0500

NYE update

Hi all! Anticipation is mounting here...I think we're going to outdo ourselves this year! Good response on the hotel/dinner/brunch activities. Just a couple of quick notes...

  • Anyone willing to share their hotel room and/or booth at Park West with an appropriate, paying Todd-fan? Lemme know.

  • Bring cash, if you're coming to dinner at Tra Via's. Last year we all chipped in on the single check. It came out fine (did you get your $20 back, Kurt S.? ;-) ) that way, but plastic screws it up royally. And, this place ain't no Burger King!

  • Brunch is from 11AM-1PM and you're on your own with the menu and the server, so bring on the Mastercharge! You'll likely have dumped most of your cash at Park West the previous night, anyway!

  • Doors open at 9PM; show starts at 10. If you reserved a booth, you need to be at Park West at 9:30 with 6 Todd tix for a booth-for-6, 4 Todd tix for a table- for-4, etc. There will be a line forming early on, outside the venue. Dinner is set for 5:30 to allow anyone who feels the need (and not the cold) to get in line at a reasonable hour.

That's all I can think of right now...feel free to pipe in with suggestions! And please call or e me with any logistical snafus or general questions. Happy Holidays and...

13 days and counting!


Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1997 17:44:24 -0500

Subject: NYE Hotel block SELL-OUT!!!

Great news! The block of rooms we booked for NYE in Chicago has sold out! Great news, unless you procrastinated in making your plans. Not to fear!! Ken will take reservations for "Coalition for Utopia" rooms directly at his extension at the Days Inn. Call him at 312-664-3045, ext. 7070. If you get his voice mail, leave your name and phone #, and he'll call you back.

Still counting heads (and smiles) on the road...


Message from Greg Mazure

Section Bulleting board
Subject: we're looking forward

I can't believe that my show 'that's christmas' closed early so I'll be in attendance tonight with my lovely Susan by my side. I'm so excited that something good is happening for a change. I would have tried to contact people sooner but work as it is.....

One World
Greg Mazure

Date: 31 Dec 96 08:44:20 EST
From: Deby Baker <102447.3725@CompuServe.COM>

Subject: OOPS! Chicago not so warm


Hi all,

Well the weatherman has goofed again. Sorry to report that it's only going to get into the high 30's today and into 40's Wednesday.

Wishful thinking I guess. Another overcast day in Chicago. For once I wish you out of towners could enjoy the magnificent view of Lake Michigan from our hotel.

Bundle up after all!


Date: 27 Dec 96 18:50:40 EST
From: Deby Baker <102447.3725@CompuServe.COM>

Subject: Chicago NYE weather

Hi all,

FYI--For you folks coming to Chicago for NYE, the local weather forecaster just announced a warm-up. By NYE they are predicting upper 40's, with 52 on New Year's Day. Wow, quite a difference from last year!

Looking forward to seeing those of you I met here last year, and meeting others from this list and the former IMusic Forum. I'm very psyched!

Deby Chicago

From: "Craig I. Schneider" <>

Subject: NYE T-shirts Redux, final chance to order


The NYE T-shirts are being printed as we speak. I've gotten a lot of orders by email from people going to the show and from those not going who want a shirt sent to them after the show.

Here's a pic of the T(R)-shirt.

The shirt features a composite of 3 photos, courtesy of Kurt Scheinpflug, taken during the solo tour in California a month ago, the NYE show date and venue name/location. I'm making up a limited quantity of (2) two sizes (L) Large, and (XL) Extra-Large on 100% cotton T's for those who order in advance. I probably wont bring too many extras to chicago.

Please email me by the 29th of December (at the very latest) if you're interested. Please be specific with the quantity and sizes you need. The cost will be for materials (shirt/printing/transfer) only, approx. $15.00 to $20.00 each.

NO T-SHIRTS WILL BE SOLD AT THE SHOW! I'll have them at the hotel and the dinner prior to the show only.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Chicago!!!


Message from: MaryJ

Subject: : Extra booth seat??

Here's my message:: Hey Gang- As you may know, my sister will be accompaning us for NYE (still blown away that she is coming!) I really think that she would enjoy the show more if she was sitting. I was wondering if anyone had an extra seat at a booth that she may fill. How 'bout it Norm! ;-)

Lemme Know-Mary
P.S. She is a smoker if that makes any difference

Message from: Phil Parr (P2)
E-mail: Pending

Section: Bulleting board

Subject:If you have to cancel Hotel Reservations

Here's my message:: Having worked in the hotel industry (and after talking to Day's Inn)...

In the unfortunate event that you cannot make it to your hotel AND you left your credit card # when making the reservation, be sure to cancel your reservation AT LEAST 24 hours in advance or you may still be charged for the night.

Make sure you get a cancelation # as well.This policy may vary from hotel to hotel - check to be sure.

See you all there!

Message from: Hersh Forman
E-mail: Date: Dec 9 1997

Section: Bulleting board
Subject: : NYE
Here's my message:

Looking forward to meeting all you awizers in Chi-town. I'll be representing the Canadian contingent this time. This will be my first show in over a decade!


Date: Tue Dec 3 1997
Wayne&Sherry Lanning

Bulleting board


Can't wait to get our Todd fix for the year and be with fellow Utopians!

Date: Tue, 27 Nov 1997
From: Jeff Maziarek To: Any couple attending the show.

Need two people interested in sharing a table

My wife and I are attending the NYE show for the second year in a row. Have been TRI fans for many years though. Bought tickets on 11/23, but when I called the Park West on 11/25, they had already sold out reservations for two person tables, however, they do have four and six person tables available. So, if any couple reads this note and would like to share a four person table with us, please e-mail me back at your convenience and let me know. In order to reserve a 4 person table we must have two other folks with us that have tickets.

NOTE:I will gladly pay for the table so it's free to anyone interested. Thanks to any and all who read this note, and may you have a wonderful New Year.

Jeff Maziarek

From: Philip Parr & Michelle Tyler
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 1997

If you just can't find a place to stay. My girlfriend and I will be trying for reservations at the Day's Inn tomorrow (11/25) since they don't take them on the weekends, In the event that we are successful, but others are not, we're willing to donate our floor space (or the extra bed - if there isone) to those who are sleeping bag inclined. We don't have our own computer so you'll have to get ahold of us the old fashioned way at:
Phil & Michelle, 366 N. Dibble #533 Lansing, MI 48917(517) 327-5509

We are smokers (our Dr.'s told us we need more tar) if that makes a difference.

Date: Sat, 23 Nov 1997 09:31:11 -0800
From: Marty Lee Cole
To: awizard
Subject: NYE

Could any of you out there offer some advice on lodging, etc in Chicago for someone who has never ever set foot in the windy city? Live in SF and would love to make the trip, but I am concerned about going somewhere I've never been by myself...


Date: 25 Nov 1997 08:29:41 -0700
From: "Collins, Patrick"


Your best bet is to stay in the Lincoln Park area (roughly Diversey to North Ave. and Clark to the lake). I would not venture west of Halsted (800W). Anything between Division (1200N) and Belmont (3200N) would be fairly affordable and quite convenient.


If I remember correctly there is a Comfort Inn in the region mentioned. I may be on Diversey at Clark but best to check with Comfort Inn, I'm sure they have a 1-800 #. This will be reasonably priced and clean. On the upper end of the spectrum try The Ritz Carlton and for the thrifty and brave The Mark Twain on Division.

This part of Chicago is quite compact so cabs are short trips and affordable.

Wish like hell I could join ya.

"A guy with a truck hereabout is going New Year's Eve..."


Date: Sun, 24 Nov 1997 10:37:19 MST
From: M MACLAUCHLAN 303-372-2151 <ga_mmac@uh01.Colorado.EDU>
Subject: RE: TRI_NYE/1997 announcement


How do you feel about asking awiz list members for photo and maybe reviews from other venues in addition to Chicago.. making your www page the "solo tour" site ?

If you agree, please post a request to the entire list to send you gif/jpg files.....


Michael Mac

I'm afraid that's a bit more than I can handle right now, but I have put up a section with setlists and reviews, if anyone sends pics (any format or even by u.s. mail) I will put them up for sure. I hope in the end the NEY-site will represent this tour in one way or another. Like last year I expect a lot of people sending in their photo's so you'll get best shots from all angles. But this will be somewhere in january. Of course last year's pics will stay online in last year's site.

regards, Lion

Phil and Michelle
(Reach us the old fashioned way)

Sharing a room at the Day's Inn

We got a room at the Day's Inn. However, it only has 2 twin beds. If anybody's in a bind, has a sleeping bag, and needs a place to crash, get in touch with us at:

Phil and Michelle
366 N. Dibble #533
Lansing, MI 48917(517)

Message from: Brett Walrod
E-mail: Bwalrod.CB&

Subject: : Who is playing with Todd ?

Here's my message: I realize that the promotions are for a "solo" concert, but last year on NYE he had a very good band with him (including Prairie Princeon drums, of the Tubes), he (Prairie Prince) tossed a drum stick to me during the concert(WOW!, yea,I know, but I have been a fan since I was 13, my first concert was the Tubes, 1974).

I will not be able to see Todd in Chicago, but will travel to Indianapolis to see him on 1/4/97.I tried to change my travel plans but it made my girlfirend got a little grumpy. She could not understand leaving Chamonix early to see a concert. I tried to explain........Try and have fun without me!Peace & Love,

Happy New Years!
Brett Walrod

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