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Thanks again for the very thorough review of Tokyo!
Following are my added comments of Tokyo. I put a compiliation
list of all songs at the bottom of this post.

Ebisu Garden Hall, TOKYO, October 24, 1997:

(Also, the YUPPIE Ebisu Garden complex had many people
walking dogs on leashes, something rare in Japan. I
even saw a lady with a cat! And at their outdoor Italian
restaurant they have small stadium blankets on each
chair, to put across your legs while you dine, with
heated lamps above. They`re onto something there --
outdoor dining in comfort -- in October!)

I had separated from the gaijins, to get up front with
my new Japanese fans. The plan was to give Todd a Halloween
welcome when he came out. Yoshino, Etsko, Kazuyo, Natsue,
and the others taped a paper chain of skeletons on
the metal divider between the stage and the audience
(highly unnecessary), a few had magic wands with stars
and orange pumpkins on top for waving, one girl had
a black witches hat, and the rest of them donned white
cloth ghost coverings with cut-outs for the eyes and
mouth. I forgot to bring my pillowcase, so grabbed
a white shopping bag and put it on my head with a flashlight
inside! Hey, when you`re away from home, you do the
funniest things.

Todd came out and said "Happy Halloween!"
to which we took off our "costumes" and revealed
to him our identities. He wasn`t surprised to see about
the same ten of us three days in a row!

1. One World
2. I Don`t Want to Tie You Down
3. You`ve Got to Hide Your Love Away (Beatles) 4. Love
of the Common Man

Todd goes to the CD-e: "Ohhhh, he`s got a computer..." and "There`s MY logo (Waking Dreams)".

Facist Christ video from NWO London

5. Family Values

Todd goes to the piano: "Everybody whose been on any of this tour knows we`re at the dangerous phase!"

6. Wouldn`t Have Made any Difference
7. Song of the Viking: "If only the tour was longer I might be able to play the damn thing".

8. Fidelity: "Dreadful piece of machinery" (the piano) "A little free advertising for th CUBASE people"

9. Black and White: "Well, let`s rock out people, man!"

10. Broke Down & Busted / Mystified: "It`s getting warm up here!"

Back to CDe: "Take your time (loading) -- hmmmmmm"
and "A little mini-set":

11. Tables Will Turn
12. Beloved Infidel
13. The Individualist


14. I Want You to Want Me (M. Gaye)

"Things are going so well, I`ll have to screw it
up and do the piano thing. I forgot my glasses -- can`t
see a damn thing!" Then he talked about his involvement
with the New York Shakespeare Festival and said "I
expect you gentlement to sing along" to:

15. Free, Male and 21

"and then I wrote:"

16. Can We Still be Friends
17. I Saw the Light

Someone requested Espresso. "Maybe earlier in the
show; maybe in Sapporo."

18. Secret Society
No volunteer guitar players -- no access to stage anyway,
plus it was near the end of the show.

I loved watching the CUBASE Sequencer Score (3.0 VSI
or VST) go by, reading the drum, base, vocal and and
clapping cues. All bright colors and on the big screen.

Encore #1

19. Tiny Demons
20. Worldwide Epiphany

Yoshino passes up a gift for Todd; he smiles and opens
a large photo of himself from an earlier Japan visit,
says he`ll sign it for her, and goes into:

Encore # 2

21. Hawking

An absolutely beautiful song, yet not as good as Hawking
in Nagoya and I believe it`s much better appreciated
when played earlier in the show.

TR: "It`s a jungle out there; drive carefully!"

I met up with my gaijin and Japanese friends and we
all headed downstairs and outside to meet Todd again.
This was a bigger hall and had many exits so we weren`t
sure where to wait. The One World Fan Club gave me
a t-shirt for this Japan Tour 1997; it`s good quality
soft cotton with a cute characature of TR in a black
and white shirt and raised fist, with "vortex
of music & love" on the front and all the
Japan dates on the back.

While we were visiting, a van with Todd in it came up
the garage exit and sped away again into the Tokyo
night. Oh well, we`ll probably see him in the mainland
soon enough, and the Japanese will have two more chances
to meet him. They all did miss seeing the familiar
face of Eric or Mary Lou in Japan.

When we got home, we heard of the extended tour in the
U.S.! Do whatever you can to catch this exceptional
and intimate solo tour.

Here`s the song list of the three shows we saw:


1. Lysistrata Mystified/Broke Down One World
2. Cliche` Cliche` I Don't Want to Tie
3. Love-Common Man Hammer-Heart You`ve Got to Hide (Fab4)
4. Hammer-Heart There Goes-Insp Love-Common Man
5. Fidelity Song of the Viking Family Values
6. Song of the Viking Compassion Wouldn`t Have Made any
7. Wouldn`t Have Made Free, Male & 21 Song of the Viking
8. Free, Male & 21! Wouldn`t Have Made Fidelity
9. Family Values Tables Will Turn Black & White
10. The Individualist! Family Values Broke Down/Mystified
11. Tiny Demons I Want You (Gaye) Tables Will Turn
12. Black & White Love-Common Man Beloved Infidel
13. #1 LCD The Individualist! The Individualist!
14. Compassion Hot Espresso! I Want You (Gaye)
15. Drunken Blue Rooster! Hawking! Free, Male & 21
16. Dream Goes on Forever Black & White Can We Still be Friends
17. Secret Society! The Wheel! I Saw the Light
18. Tables Will Turn Dream Goes On... Secret Society
19. Beloved Infidel Tiny Demons
20. I Want You (Gaye) Worldwide Epiphany
21. Worldwide Epiphany Hawking

still there is more....

I`m all jacked up!

Lani Hanson

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