Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1997 04:21:12 +0900 (JST)
Subject: song list in Sapporo


Here's a set list for the show in Sapporo.
(October 25th)

1.Hammer in my heart
2.I don't wanna tie you down
3.Love of the common man
4.I Want You
5.Song of the Viking
7.It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
8.Family Values
9.Tiny Demons
12.Black and White
13.Honest Work
14.Free,Male and 21
16.I Saw The Light
17.The Individualist
18.Beloved Infidel
19.Tables Will Turn
20.One World
21.(encore)Dream Goes On Forever
22.Secret Society
23.(encore 2)Hawking

*Seated venue on that day(I've heard that it's
usually all standing).
It looked like"singer song writer"show(Like
Laura Nyro show).
Impressive " Honest Work"(for the first time
here), beautiful"Fidelity" and amazing
Usually, Todd doesn't speak Japanese in Japan.
But when one audience called TR name"Todd!",
Todd answered to the audience"E?"--pronounce
[e]--means" pardon?" or " What?" (sometimes bit
informal). It was very funny. Everybody laughed.
I thought it's Todd.


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