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Date: Mon, 25 Nov 1997 16:34:19 -0800
From: Ron Hromoko <>
Subject: SANTA ANA: GALAXY -- 11/24/96

I hope others post about this show, because i might be a bit bias. with
my literally spitting-distance seat and a dentists-view, everything worked.
no flubs. the sound and performance was ten times better than HoB.
ok, maybe eight times.

black acoustic:
lysistrata, tie you down, hammer, cliche... strong voice. Todd
is apparently rested and ready. the well-fed crowd cooperates
with the dinner-theatre dynamic. T fights the urge to break into
a Robert Goulet tribute.

family values, tables... T asks about the 'glob of snot' the
borrowed sony scanner smatters across the painfully out-of-focus
video screen. tables has T trippin around stage, then auctioning
off a problematic guitar stand for $20 to a lucky patron.

grand piano:
fidelity, viking, wouldn't have made... T slows it down to a
comfortable groove for fidelity. i bequeath the horns to
Kawauchi-san for the flubless viking song. T nails the opening
strains of wouldn't have made. all is well in santa ana.

green electric:
M/BD&B/M... i almost enjoy this whole thing, as T indulges in
some bluesy improvisation. i guess being close enough to count
the wrinkles on his knuckles helps, too.

individualist... T goes to 'give five' to the 8500 and the Mac
skips back a few bars in the song. T recovers nicely by running
to center stage to catch up with the chorus. cool.

black acoustic:
i want you, hide your love away... alright! T digs performing
these, and you can feel it. when played back-to-back, i notice
the similarities in the T-version of these two originally disparate
musical influences. T receives roses at the end of hide.

b&w... rockin. almost every show seems better than the last.
love that cowbell, and that snare sound, and that bass, and...

green electric:
one world... much fuller sound than previous acoustic versions.
the 2-and clapping is fed by the electric's strumming. this
is less laborous for T with the green monster. thumbs up.


honest work, wwe, hawking... T reappears for the encore and finally
satisfies the unstoppable crys of an obnoxious drunk at stage left
[see separate message]. people begin to spontaneously request songs
when T silences them with honest work. whomever may read this, do
everyone a favor and *don't* try and sing this along with Todd.

wwe showcased our first technical glitch on this tour. right before
'take it from the ground up...', the Mac hung on the same part of the
song continuously looping. T restarts CuBase, drops in wwe, and
moves the time bar to where we left off, determined to finish...

hawking was yet again, tremendously entertaining, and reminded me
of why i so enjoy this Great Communicator.

don't be stickin that horn up my skirt

Greetings awiz list members:

I saw the Todd solo show at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, CA
(Orange County, USA, former home of Bob Dornan and Curt Pringle).
A great show, we had a party of 7 at a table next to the front of the stage.
Needless to say a good time was had by all. Here's the setlist:

Todd At the Galaxy Theatre, Santa Ana, CA 11-24-96

Lysistrata (ag)
I Don't Want To Tie You Down (ag)
The Dog Story (verbal)
Hammer in My Heart (ag)
Cliche' (ag)
Family Values (CD rom enhanced, eg)
Tables will turn (CD Rom Enhanced,eg)
Fidelity (piano)
The Viking song (piano)
It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference (piano)
Mystified (eg)>
Broke Down & Busted>
The Individualist (CD Rom Enhanced)
I Want You (ag)
You've Got To hide Your Love Away (ag)
Black & White (eg)
One World (ag)

E: Honest Work (a capella)
Worldwide Epiphany (CD Rom Enhanced)
Hawking ( Piano solo)

ag=acoustic guitar eg=electric guitar

The set list speaks for itself. Todd played over 2 hours. The 110 tape we ran,
ran out Before the piano solo of Hawking, which was a real gem. (Gee, don't you
just hate it when artists like Todd use references to God in their songs) :)

The only negatives I can think of are, 1)the time taken to load the CD rom and
get it going (we have all done this on our own computers, but to the
uninitiated, maybe it was cool). 2) Honest work as the 1st encore
(Not enough material to pull from here?????) Anyway, those are very minor negs
in comparision to -


Don't hang out online too long,

Support Live Music,

ps. The new Bazooka album "Poor Mr. Rock Star" on SST records really smokes -
pick up a copy today!! (shameless plug)

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