Date: Sun, 05 Jan 1997 20:53:09 -0600
From: "Mary J. Adams" <>

Subject: Re: The Last Indy

Just got finished listening to the HOB broadcast via the net. What a nice finish to a GREAT weekend & TR-i tour.

CLB's theme song: "We're on the road again, leaving the Guys & kids behind us".

I drove down to Chitown, dropped car off at Cathy's & we headed for Indy. Got to town about 5ish, went down to venue to get tix & have a drink with some of the gang. Checked into hotel just in time to catch Ken O'z segment he taped with Todd that afternoon...KUDOS Ken. Wished I had a VCR with me.

I was literally sitting on the stage...I hope my pix turn out. Can't believe that I wasn't shaken down by the polizei. They hassled Cathy about her camera. I do have to say, it was nice having my ID checked though...that just don't happen much anymore!

Todd was in rare form last night. He was relaxed, happy (except for the fact that his beloved 49er lost to us Cheeseheads! At least the Packers play a Todd song whenever they get a TD!!), sober & sounded great. Jesse was great (Craig- I believe that it was the _11_ sec version. One less FU) When he went to the piano, he referred to a long list of songs written down, couldn't decide so he asked us what to play. I yelled out "sometimes I don't know what to feel". He says "That's a good choice but it hurts my forearm when I play it" so he played Ken's (KD1)request ...that's cool. 3 encores.

The company was the best as usual. Wolfie & MY Jack ;-) surprized us by flying in last minute. Wolfie was 'a howlin' for sure last night!! Wolf hair was flying everywhere! Great surprize...made up for missing them NYE. Great meeting up with everyone again. Craig made & passed out some more really cool access passes...Thanx Hun!

I'm spent...gonna go chill out.

Peace & stuff- Mary

Date: Sun, 5 Jan 97 23:32 EST
From: (Kirk P Bidwell)
Subject: Indy Show 1/4/97

The Total Individualist -- January 4, 1997

-or- "It Was A Dark and Stormy Night..."

This is a bit long, but it should be fast reading. The Indianapolis skies poured a steady rain on the Todd fans as we waited in line at the Vogue. Everyone agreed that all-in-all, the weather was much more bearable than it could have been for Indianapolis in January. The Awizard list was well represented, as reported in Craig's post. It was so nice to meet you all! This was the first Todd show for me since I got onto the list, so it was nice to confirm that there are actual people behind these email addresses, just like me but with a human head!

Todd looks like he's taken a few pounds off, appears in very good spirits. I disagree with Craig, he didn't seem tired to me. His voice took two songs to warm up, but that frequently seems to be the case with Todd.

I not sure what you mean, Craig, about the Vogue and it's staff. Other than being chronically late opening the doors, I thought they've always been pretty decent. The security staff were very visible but not objectionable to me. There did seem to be some altercation taking place behind me, late in the show. Does anyone know what that was about? I saw a security guy kind of sprint from near the stage towards the bench seats on the side wall behind me, and a few moments later, Mary Jo walked from there to the stage stairs. I decided not to get distracted and just stayed focused on the show, as Todd was playing at the time. I also noticed that whatever was happening, it had drawn the attention of several security guys, and the back door and stage stairs were left totally unprotected for several minutes.

The Set List

...starts on acoustic guitar...

"Hammer in My Heart" - sounds good, but this one would be better electric.

...asks for more bottom end, "more Ebonics" - announcing this as the last show of the "US leg of the tour" promises us an especially loose show...

"Cliche" - fluffs the lyrics a bit "Common Man" - Todd really pours the emotion into these two songs. "I Don't Want to Tie You Down" - I really like this song too.

Todd stops to talk: comments on the weather " those of you in the East 48, as we say...(crowd hoots and hollers, thinking about him living in Hawaii now)'s raining in Hawaii too." Todd moans about the 49ers losing. Several football team references in Todd's comments through the evening. I think it was in this part of the show where Todd held up a slide whistle he got from the audience and asked if it was an "alien anal probe." Todd mentions he was watching "Dark Skies." Does anyone else agree that the two spotlights they had on the stage before the show look like grey alient eyes? And the silhouette on the cover of the Individualist...?

Introduces CD-E, for those of us who didn't see the "I" tour, and couldn't get it running because we don't have a computer or the right drivers, Todd is going to show us what it's all about....calls it the 8-track of 1997.

Demo's "Fascist Christ" video director from CD-E; the crowd starts moving.

...more from CD-E...

"Family Values" - Todd does "blah blah blah" hand signs during the quotes from Quayle. This song is such a crowd pleaser. "The Individualist" - dons a beret, puts on French accent for early lyrics. "...I got a special answer, meant just for moi, somewhere in my vicini-twa."

"Espresso" - oh yeah, that cappucino song! The crowd is very into all three songs, singing right along with him.

...goes to piano... "Compassion" - well done, this song is in my top ten or so. "Viking Song" - big fluff and stumble. "Can We Still Be Friends?" - thinks he muffed up the lyrics, took a cue from the audience (Craig???) then blames them for confusing him. I've always wondered if Todd is really happy with that "la-la-la" bridge in the middle. I like this song a lot, but the bridge has always struck me as one of those "I don't know what else to put here in the middle" kind of things. Remember Led Zeppelin, "The Crunge"? "Where's that confounded bridge!!??" At the end, Todd looks at his sheet of paper, saying he has several songs he could possibly do, with the accent on possibly, cause if he decides to play it, it's only possible he'll get it right.

"Lost Horizon" - a neat song, fumbles a little on the piano, but generally well done.

...picks up green-body electric guitar...

"Black and White" - with Cubase backup, this one seemed to be a favorite with the crowd around me. I visualize Todd in the studio before the tour, cooking up this backing music, and getting his machine configured for the show. "#1 LCD" - some good guitar work, but this rendition not as good as on the "I" tour.

...back to acoustic guitar... "One World" - this one just didn't work for me as an acoustic song, it needs to be electric.

...goes offstage for maybe two minutes, lackluster cheers from the crowd... comes back and annouces the 11-second version of Jesse: "f***,f***,f***,f*** you,f***,f***,f***"

People are yelling requests, as they did all night. Todd says he hears a request for something he can do, so he'll do it.

"Honest Work" - an excellent song, born of the economic upheaval of the early 80's which once again is in fashion in today's age of downsizing.

...back to the CD-E...

"Tables Will Turn" - sounds great, the opening words/lyrics are not easy to do live, but the guitar work is hot and very close to the studio version.

...Todd leaves the stage again, the crowd goes into the chant for an encore.... ...comes back to the piano for...

"A Dream Goes on Forever" "Hawking" - is the closing song. He did kind of crap out right at the very end of the song, like he was ready to quit.

Todd thanks the crowd, goes over to where Craig and Lisa are standing to accept gifts, walks across stage shaking many hands and exchanging words with the fans.

So as far as all this discussion about Todd's fluffing his songs: I think my perceptions of the show were altered by reading the reports of the earlier shows on the tour, whereas in my pre-mailing list days, I wouldn't have as much preview of what to expect. I really don't mind the mistakes that much, but it is a little jarring when he stops the song and has to pick up again. Kind of disrupts the enjoyment, don'tcha think? But I do have to wonder why he isn't more polished on some of these songs, since he's been performing them fairly consistently for the last two weeks, right? The serious songs, "Compassion," "Lost Horizon," "Honest Work," are done very well without fluffs. It's on the lighter stuff, like Viking Song, that he acts more like he's fooling around. But in any case, the atmosphere of a Todd show, especially the solo tours, is less like a "performance," and more like sharing some time with Todd in his studio. It's in the solo shows that we get a glimpse of what Todd must look like when he's in the studio working.

It was a great show! Hope we don't have to wait another two years to see him again! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "If not now, when? If not you, who then?" "The ultimate crime is not to care" ...Todd Rundgren Kirk P Bidwell

Date: Sun, 05 Jan 1997 11:14:11 -0500
From: "Craig I. Schneider"

Subject: The Last Indy


Sorry I can't be more specific with the times of the songs...Romo, the clocks were gone!

Todd was noticably tired, took the stage around 10:20pm after Jimmy Riser warmed the crowd (local yahoo, who was somewhat acceptable, 'specially to those with "Todd Who?" on their mind. The Venue, Da Vogue, is really a front for the Neo-Nazi regime in Indianapolis....complete with crew cuts, rude and lewd behaviors and "Hassle the fucking crowd" tatooed on their necks. Rumor had it they were reciting the words to Mein Kampf verbatim before opening the doors.

Todd came onstage, dragging his sarong covered ass, in Kurt S's New Year's eve present. Chalk one up to Turkey Boy's taste in clothes! Todd told us this was gonna be a little loose. No way, TR rocked for 2 hours.. 2 encores... no computer screw ups...and from my locale at the front of the stage, the sound (at least the monitors) sounded great.

The songs were..please don't ask if this was the exact order, none of us could remember.

Hammer in my heart
Love of the common man
I don't wanna tie you down
Facist Christ (the nazi's mouths were drooling)
Family Values
The Individualist
Hot Espresso
Viking Song
Can we still be friends
Lost Horizon
12 seconds of "Jesse" words are: "Fuck You" recited over and over
Dream goes on forever
Honest Work (actually very good acapella, dispite the the Todd'sters voice)
Black and White
Hawking (and he almost made it to the end this eve)


John, drinks were on the house, where the F_ck were you? Romo and Kurt, no saraongs in the house b'sides Kurt's (on TR) Nancy and Dan, the concert was really good...Nazi's looking for you guys

Jack and Jackie Rae popped in at about 6pm, in a van from the hotel. (Jack, you gotta let "Jackie outta the box" more often.. this woman had energy enough for the whole place. PS....Jackie's got a jammer for that invisible fence collar. Watch out!

Lots of family in the house this eve.... from Chicago and Ohio (ya you indy's too) Ken Davis, Ken Owen, Lisa Beard, Dianne Reedy, Jack and Jackie Rae, CathyLeeB, Mary Adams, Kirk Bidwell, Nancy Mearkle, Dan Studebaker and a lot more that I can't remember at the moment.

Afterwards we all went next door to CT Peppers....and had the worst ham and turkey sandwiches. The band there sucked too, but it didn't keeep Jackie Rae off the dance floor.

More when I'm rested!! wish more of you could have been here!


Date: Tue, 7 Jan 1997 02:21:40 -0600 (CST)
From: Jackie Rae <>


My perspective of the show, from what I can remember, right now. WARNING+LOMG! Sorry I have so much to tell you, and a few responses. I'm tooooo tired to edit it down...its this or NOTHING. Hope you enjoy.:)

I+LOVE+INDANA, great memories from the old daze when I was stationed there.:) And the VOGUE was fantastic...reminded me of an old saloon or done..beautiful bar in the middle with a small balcony circling the top... and then up front the stage with large video screens and a BIG dance floor. YEAH. I felt right at home!:) Whosier State.:)

Craig, I'm still laughing my ass off at the Last Waltz Post, hope folks from Indy didn't take it to heart...we have our OWN sense of humor here.:) Obviously the KGB city liquor patrol stops there often, hehehehe. (They're just protecting their liscense.:) DANG, and I thought, I was getting carded cause I looked *young* with wet frizzy hair and black eye-make all over and under my eyes. I spent ten minutes in the girls room trying to straighten myself out, even used the hand blower in there to try and get my hair back in shape no use, every min it kept shutting off or someone needed to dry their hands.:) OK+ FINE I'm here to see have fun, not win a beauty contest!

Now for some history.:)
Fredrick the Great rises up out of his grave in Potsdam, Germany..."Those weren't neo-nazis/nazis those were U.S. REDNECKS running security." OH NO... Fredrick the Great used the "N" word...NAZI. Julis Ceasar rises up from his grave in Rome. "Yeah and that salute dosen't belong to fascists either...its the ROMAN salute, they stole it, a military salute! HAIL Ceasar!" Use it durring Todd's song "Fascist Christ". Hey... NO+Deigo (sp) jokes NOW, I grew up around Italians! :):):) Remember that saying "WHEN IN+ROME DO+AS+THE+ROMANS+DO."

If there are any "politically correct" robot thinkers on this list they are probably gone by now, or are reporting us to the ACLU. JOKING:):)

Hehehehe...OH+PAT+where's the Newport Bar, I want to be prepared if I ever go there.:) I'm having to much fun with this! Thanks to Kirk to for his review too, loved reading it now I can remember more and KD for the great line...I laughed about that one too.:) Oh Kirk, It was as if seeing in a the I don't know what happened durring the strange security incident to the side of the stage.

Lani, me and Jack took the Northwest hops through Minneapolis and back through Detroit...thought of you alot on the plane rides...remembering Cleveland. Arrived at the Omni Hotel just in time to toss our luggage in the room and then jump in the Omni Van for a ride to the Vogue.

I was so excited...when we pulled up and hoped out to stand in line.:):) Wizzers where already there, and Craig introduced me and Jack to the folks we didn't know. Yep Ken Davis, Kirk Bidwell, Dan Studebaker, and more I'll try and remember more here as I go...sooo kewl!!! You folks help me remember more of all this! I talked for at least 2 hours with folks about Todd, and Multi- media/the web and the sub-counscious mind, and new studies in this area...and The Women's Army Corp...AND+WOW shoot it was great so much fun...that it was worth going just be there for that.:)

Oh and what really made it kewl was Craig made-up these Back Stage Lamenated ALL ACCESS passes with a pic of TR playing guitar on one side, which he took from a recent concert, and on the back a picture of Todd laying on the floor sleeping at the airport, another recent shot. Get this it says SLEEP+ACCESS. Oooohhhh baby, to kewl Craig, great work on these.:):) Todd looks so sweet sleeping.:):)

Well finally the doors opened and we got inside out of the I said earlier I really liked the Vogue...reminded me of some bars I'd seen in Sturgis and parts of Colorado without the big stage. Great place for a show. We found a table and Jack finally got to meet Nanna...more big hugs...he missed meeting her last NYE. Jack smiles and says "I've heard alot about ya." Then I went off in search of Cathy Lee heard she was there and wanted to surprise her.

After cruising the whole bar finally I find her near the stage with Mary Adams...and Lisa Beard...and Susan and Ike and Craig. Cathy and I went back up to where Jack was waiting and about this time the Jimmy Riser band was playing. Well we where being loud and happy to all see each other again...sharing memories.

Well, this girl pulls me aside and asked very politely if we could be quiet because, Jimmy or one of the guys playing was terminally ill, dying and alot of folks where there to see him playing tonight. OK.:) So I ordered some drinks and then went down to the stage to be with the wizzers.:)

Jack ended up coming down later too and bringing me another drink.:):) So I had at least three or four drinks that nite just enough to be *lit up*, but not drunk! Yes Craig...I do have to be careful when I get out of the box.:):) Just think I+USE+to get paid at radio promotions to have this much fun...dancing in a trance.:):) But I also use to dance in the window of the RAdio station with fans on the streets standing on their cars and dancing with me.:):) Kansas City...does have some crazy little women here and I'm ONE. Hehehehhe.

OH and Cathy Lee took me up to meet Ken Owen, he works in TV and has interview Todd, I really enjoyed seeing one he did on a past tour.:) Nanna sent me that he did fun interview. I met more folks it was great...this is a magical nite.:)

Its time for Todd...I'm squeezed in at the front of the stage by Mary and Lisa and Craig and Susan...Ike behind me and Jack and Cathylee and I'm not sure who else showed up after that...more wizzers I'm sure. Here comes TODD...kurt the sarong looked mighty nice...on that hunk.:)

I'm going to have one of best times of my LIFE I've already decided that.:):) Kirk did an excellant job on the set list so I'll just add my own parts here and let others give the details.

I don't remember when I think it was right at the or near it...I started singing "Indiana Wants me, Lord I can't go back there. Its embrassing telling you all this.:) Throughout this whole evening I'm laying my head on Lisa's shoulder or looking up at Mary or back at Cathy or Craig...and bumping my butt up against anyone near by. Sorry folks please forgive.:)

Some highlights up front. Now remember through all this the wizzers next to me and behind are being just as silly and dancing and having fun and I'm encouraged and embolded by them to be myself and LET+LOOSE. Normally when I go out-of-town for a show I TRY, to behave myself.:):)

"Hammer in My Heart"...Love this song! I'm watching Todd and I'm starting to get geared up.:)

"Cliche" OK yes throw that cliche this way...I'm starting to SWAY!

"Common Man" I think I'm going to loose it...this may be where I was laying on the stage...I'm not sure now...but Mary tells me at some point Larry the engineer got worried about me.:) I think I said; he dosen't know me...don't mean to worry him...or something like that.

"I Don't Want to Tie You Down" ...Ok just tie me up for a min or two.:) I think this is where I start crying or howling...

I caught very little of the videos from where I was for Fascist Christ...don't remember now...why not. But I did for Family Values...and I wasn't really all that impressed with it. Last video I saw of Todd's was the one he did for Newtek Video Toaster and it blew me AWAY! Jack tells me to LOOK at TODD this is funny. One of Jacks favorite parts of the show was watching Todd's blah blah and other funny antics. He really enjoys seeing him live.:)

"The Individualist"...missed Todd putting on a must have been trancing again.:)

"Espresso" - I watched Todd more now...everybody's having fun on this one.

"Compassion" - ON+MAN...he really put his heart into this song...I know I was crying durring this song!

Now up till this part of the I'd look up now and then and see TR playing I remembered our little HAND SIGN discussion and so several times I try giving him a hand sign. I try the little finger and index finger...several show my appreciation...hmmm did he notice...then I try the Hawaii sign....Thumb and little finger...shaking it...I must really have this one screwed up I think he saw it, but had a quizzical look on his face.:):) NOW+here comes the Viking Song!

"Viking Song" - Ok I'm thinking of our Viking Song and the great HOrned one going to all the shows...and so at the end for some UNKNOWN reason I yell VIKINGS+RULE and salute him. WELL that finally got his attention...and he says "Vikings Rule" I think he said that twice and cocks his head...I nod once at him and finally Craig and the wizzers and me yell back...The Packers RULE.:):) Thanks for saving me on that one GANG see I told we where all in this together.:) Then he finally does the PEACE sign when he stands up.:):)

"Can We Still Be Friends?" - I take a break to watch TR at the piano and remember when this song 1st came out and the times I saw him...and when Karen Danced to it...then I had to Dance to it too.

"Lost Horizon" - Oh I couldn't believe he played this song...I sing this song to myself sometimes in the car...excellant I'm sure I cried again and probably some more wolf howling by now!!!!!!

"Black and White" - NOW I know I was getting wild! I was yelling ROCK... and boy did he ROCK on this one....I of the best times I've ever heard him on guitar for me personally...he was blowing my f**king mind on that guitar.

I think I yelled something about Jimi Hendrix. And then #1 LCD...this is where I saw GOD I was so far out was my own little world...eyes closed...dancing to this one...Gone totally gone!

"One World" - This song finally brings me back to reality...yes I'm at at a Todd concert...this is beautiful...THIS IS+LIVING!

Then the Jesse f**K,+f**K,,,my mouth had to be hanging open...I thought oh man...if he keeps saying that I think I'll have a heart-attack.:):) It was hilarious...!!!! Roaring with laughter...I did do several wolf roars durring the show and also some wolf running...I was running and saying something I could only run with my arms cause I was pinned in. I was told Todd looked over at me several times and me...probably when I was doing this was one of them. It had to look ridiculous but it felt sooooo good to run with the music!

"Honest Work" - I remember clenching my fist sooo HARD...durring this song I could feel the pain...of my nails digging into my palms but it wasn't enough...this performance by Todd was sooooo perfect. I had to cry it just tore me up!

"Tables Will Turn" - Jack really likes this song live! He'll be a Todd fan yet.:):) I'm lightening up now...and having a marvelous time...just dancing to this one...I turn around to face the wizzers and CathyLee does the most Incredible thing...See I'm not alone in this WILDness I'm sharing this the whole time with those next to me...anyway Cathy grabs my hand as I hold on to it and she starts pulling me up and I fall back she pulls me back up and I ball we go faster and my Hair is flying up in the air and I'm when I fall back I'm almost laying my back on the stage and my hair is whipping the stage...clean.:):) This is sooo wild...I'm looking at Cathylee and everyone and smiling my eyes must have been really big!!! Oh I say to myself Cathy please don't let go.....this is fantastic...WHAT A+RUSH!!!!!!!!! The Cathy Lee pull...jerk, whip it.:):):) ITS+GREAT!!!!!

Hawking...Todd does a beautiful version of this....I'm very still and mostly calm durring this...I'm looking right at him...and when its over I say Amen, Amen, Amen,... The shows over and Todd walks over and we all shake his hand I reach up and put my hand in his...for a short time slight squeeze and he moves on.:):) I'm a happy camper.:)

We all run out back in hopes of meeting TODD...for an autograph...alas he dashes out to car and only a few folks get one. Probably cause he heard me and some girl...who came up with this line...chanting...WE+LOVE+DOGS BETTER+THAN+MEN...except for one thing. Jack said; later she must have just got dumped by some guy. We talked dogs...she had a kewl pin on and the next thing I+know we are singing this...:):) Dingy. yes...she invited me to a club down the street called the THE Back Alley CAt. I think.:)

We went over to the CT Peppers bar...and ate and relaxed...finally I got an Ice Tea I+LOVE+TEA. What fun! Mary Adams won Jack in a strong arm contest over the table over the Jack has a new sweetie...:):) The whole rest of nite was like this, and yes I did dance some more the Band played BTO, Takin CAre of Business and I was gone again. Hey this place had a REAL Harley Sportster MOTORCYCLE hanging from the ceiling, BIKER+BAR, I loved this place too.:)

Craig gives us a ride back to the Hotel and Poor JACK had to listen to me and CRaig sing to Todd songs all the way back...great stereo and it was cranked! So of course my voice is shot after this wild evening.:) I'm to exhausted to stand so I miss the after party.


Not much sleep I tossed and turned waking up and remembering parts of the show...up in several hours...forget to grab the really KEWL Omni Hotel magazine with TODD picture and article in it...Someone please tell the list about it. Dash down stairs Jack grabs us a quick breakfast at the buffet...and then we take a BLACK STRETCH LIMO to the airport. NICE really nice.

It stopped to pick up another person...probably why we got to ride in it. The driver spoke like this guy took it often? Very pleasant and enjoyed the converstation...he didn't seem to mind my HORSE raspy voice...barely at a WHISPER...and Jack could still talk and carry the conversation.

Anyway we are standing in line at the airport check-in I look up and can't believe my sand-paper eyes...theres Mary Lou and Todd strolling down the hall. "Jack theres Mary Lou and Todd." Being miss rude and pointing at them! Todd looks like spring and flowers and warm sunshine thats the best way I can describe it...I'm not sure what he was wearing but it was white with some blue I think...I couldn't focus much...too little sleep. And I looked the WORST you ever did see...Black and Purple Aspen Snow suit...covering me head to a total wipe out...half dead. And holding two books. Jack like most men looked looked tired but at least decent! In the motorcycle world we call a girl that looked like I did. "RODE HARD+and PUT+UP+WET." But lucky me I HAD my CHEAP SUNGLASSES!:):)

Next thing I relize Todd is walking up to us there in line. My little heart is just pounding. Jack who managed to grab a few zzz...s recovers for the occasion Oh my god...Jack's meeting TR, WOW WOW+WOW. Jack smiling says to Todd..."Looks like a really great breakfast there." Todd had a tray with some McDonalds on it. (Not exact quotes here.) Todd says..."Late morning breakfast", with a sweet smile. I think he must have enjoyed seeing us here...he was being so nice.

I say try to speak with what little voice I have left...I say something like..."I had sooo much fun last nite, I+lost my voice." Todd says... Oh I did too, smiling.:)

Jack says: When are you going to have a concert in Hawaii? (Jack would like to go back and visit the islands...this would be a good reason to get me to go again. He had to drag me last time its heck getting me out of town.) Todd pauses for a moment I think there and says, "maybe some time..." I think he's thinking about this or not awake enough himself yet. Then he says something like "That would be a ways to go or travel to a show."

Then I start swinging my hair abit trying to hide behind it...look at the ground and say oh..."Keep it sacred, Keep it sacred." Obviously I'm totally talking in my sleep this is all dream right now.:):) Thats why I said that, I guess.

Todd says something about needing to catch his plane and catches up to Mary Lou. Well hope you didn't get to bored reading this book.:) Please to anyone I insulted or offended being so LOOSE+at this show...accept my apoligies I was trying to have some fun.

Now back to work and "Takin Care of Business". *wolfgirl dances off into the sunset.
Jackie Rae

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