TR - Fillmore - 11/17/96

Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1997 23:42:35 -0500
Subject: TR - Fillmore - 11/17/96

The Fillmore, San Francisco, November 17, 1997

Todd was in a jovial and playful mood Sunday night at
the Fillmore. It had been just four weeks since his
six-date Japan Tour, and I think he was ready to interact
with his people.

Todd wore his Atlantic City get-up and a big, blushing
smile. Wendy jumped on the stage to annoint him with
a lei and a kiss.

T: "The Sarong Boy`s back in town! God, it`s COLD
here!" (yeah, yeah, Todd)

1. Hammer in my Heart
T: "Just like any shitty Pete Townsend song you`ve
ever heard..."

2. I Don`t Want to Tie You Down

3. Love of the Common Man

T: holds up a glass of unknown liquor. "How much
you give me if I drink all this during this set?"
(much encouragement from the crowd)

Todd had been having trouble playing the guitar with
his left pinkie finger so he told us why.

T: "I got this new dog..." He told us of the
trouble of the 3-4 month quarantine if you want to
bring your pet to Hawaii (he left his elderly dog with
relatives on the mainland). "So, I went to the
pound" (we cheered him on this decision). "I`m
just CHEAP!" (more cheers). I guess he got a golden
retriever or a lab. He said she`s an Old Yeller/Rin
Rin Tin type. "But she has an evil feral streak;
she`s chewing the house down!" (and she bit his
left pinky)

4. You`ve Got to Hide Your Love Away (Fab 4)

T: "Cuz I am: The Haole Kahuna. I am: The Baddest
White Boy on My Block!"

5. Song of the Viking (everyone stared at kurt in the
Knut helmet!)

6. Compassion (the women in front were in a lovely,
swaying hug-ball...)

The camera on Todd at the black grand piano was poorly
focused when shown on the big screen, stage right.
Also, the piano pedal was sticking. He said he`ll have
the biggest right calf in the house!

T: "In a politically correct place like San Francisco,
It`s so fun to be a guy. Feel free to sing along, and
I`ll harmonize":

7. Free, Male and 21

8. Wouldn`t Have Made any Difference

Todd began the Individualist CD-e demonstration.
T: "I know no one bought it (screams of protest),
or at least no one after the third row."

The ION Graphics icon flashed on the screen.
T: "We took `em down with us. We all lost our shirt.
See, I`m on the front tier. I`m the FIRST one to lose
my shirt!"

The Waking Dreams (Todd`s) icon appeared.
T: "Gucci-style logo, it means quality!"

NWO Facist Christ video demo. Loud hoots from the crowd.

These next two songs were the HOTTEST of the night;
I think I had more fun than in Nagoya. Plenty of dancing
and audience participation. We girls in the front got
quite an aerobics work-out. (Debbie said we should
just dance at a live Todd show three times a week for
our exercise! I agree...):

9. Family Values
10. Espresso

T: "I need a fresh lei!" (oh, baby!)

Todd fidgeted with the camera computer. "I had
such a cool effect here for you; it`s the best I could
come up with" Then it worked. Todd waved his arms
slowly above him and we got a delayed trailer effect
(very 60`s Fillmore, if you know what I mean...). Cheers
from the crowd.

T: "I didn`t realize how easily amused you could

11. Tiny Demons (on a black BLADE guitar)

12. I Want You to Want Me (Marvin Gaye)

13. Lysistrata (black Yamaha guitar)

On to the CUBASE Sequencer up on the big movie screen.
"Ooohs" and "Aaahs"from the crowd.

T: "They used to comment on your tie. Now it`s,
`Nice desktop!` "

14. Black & White Half-way he cranked the volume
a couple notches.

T: "Well, I guess THAT was loud enough!"

15. Fidelity (some difficult piano chords -- beautifully

16. Too Far Gone * didn`t play in Japan!

17. Bag Lady * didn`t play in Japan!

T: "Have I used up my goofy quotient? Well, let`s
get haole goofy!

T: "You know, kids?" (Everyone: "Yes,
Dad...") "Reading is fundamental --- We`re
going to practice."

18. The Individualist (CD-e video "The Individualist",
words and all!)

During the music interlude, he held out his palms to
introduce "the band" via the PowerMac 8500!
(Much laughter and cheers)

19. Temporary Sanity

20. One World

Encore #1

21. Worldwide Epiphany

22. Hawking (FABULOUS! Passionate! - very appropriate
ending song)

T: "Mahalo!"

Encore #2

23. The Wheel

T: "Be sure to select your designated driver!"
He flashed us the Hawai`ian hand signal for "Ono",


Enjoy the tour, folks. Be sure to see at least one show.
See you on the road. Love and aloha,

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