Date: 02 Dec 96 00:02:48 EST
From: Brent Kieft <104056.2167@CompuServe.COM>

Subject: TR in Denver

TR and voice were outstanding in Denver, Saturday evening, Nov. 30.

Fellow wizards met for dinner before the show. Michael Mac set up a meeting place at a great restaurant just a block from the theatre. Pat and Becky (mnt high), John from Calgary-to see his first show since the RA tour!, Dave and Hillary from Washington DC, Brent and Anne from Denver, and Joe and Melissa and Tony from Boulder, all met for the first time. Kindred spirits.

I thought the crowd was larger than three years ago. The NWO show was at the same venue. Probably 350 people this time.

BTW-if you want the newspaper article (Todd Man Out, by Michael Roberts) that Roger posted on this list last week, send me your snail mail address. I have seven extra copies.

No opening act.

Todd's voice was great. This is a great tour.

The Set List:
1. Hammer In my Heart
2. Cliche
3. I Want You (Gaye)
4. Hide Your Love Away (Beatles)
5. Enhanced CD "the 8 track of the 90's" Fascist Christ 6. Family Values
7. The Individualist (black t-shirts $23/ black TR-i hat $23)
8. It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference 9. Free Male and 21-watch for the next Pony Canyon release to include this
10. Compassion
11. Viking Song
12. Black and White-blistering guitar work
13. I Don't Want To Tie You Down
14. Lysistrata
15. Tiny Demons-excellent
16. Tables Will Turn
17. Temporary Sanity
18. A Dream Goes on Forever

Encore 1
19. Worldwide Epiphany
20. Hawking-outstanding

Encore 2
21. The Wheel

Todd's last two visits to Denver have fallen on the Thanksgiving weekend. Now you know why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!!

It was great to meet fellow wizards-if you get the chance I highly recommend it.


To: Brent Kieft
Subject: Re: TR in Denver
Date: Monday, December 02, 1997 7:28AM

Hey all............

I echo Brent's sentiments. TR was in fine form in the Mile High City. You could tell he wasn't used to the thin air.....but he belted them out just the same. A few "trademark" screw-ups were seen.......but, as always, TR shrugged them off with a laugh and continued on. I think he may have under-estimated the "full-on" effect that the altitude can have on both the voice AND the Bushmill's. (more bang fer yer buck, oxygen deprivation is just an extra bonus to a good buzz here)

I had to scrape my melted wife off the floor after he finished "Tiny Demons". It's her personal favorite. I really enjoyed "I Don't Want to Tie You Down" and "It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference". The voice was right on.

As always for me, the crowd played into my over-all enjoyment of the show. As luck would have it.....I sat behind the BIGGEST drunk and loudmouth at the venue.(Gee.....and you guys though "I" was the loudmouth in Colorado...) I ALWAYS get the drunks or the "dumb blonde" in my vicinity at EVERY Todd show. Don't know which is worse. Sure wish I WOULD have had that Taser...........You light up my life.

It was great to put names with the Wiz faces too. Like my other exposures to the phoeonomenon, I found some great people hooked onto those "aliases". (you guys left WAY too early though)

BUT.......... the "best" part of the night for the wife and I came AFTER the show. We taxied Dave and Hillary back to their room and then headed back towards the Ogden. I hung around the venue and soon TR came down the stairs. I shook his hand and shot the shit with him for awhile. As he was about to leave, I ask him if he was interested in a small after show get together with the wife and I. To my amazement....he said "O.K"!!!!!!!!!

So........ room 2106 at the Hyatt will hold VERY special memories for me. TR showed up at 1:30 AM and we had a great conversation from topics ranging from religion,(!) airbags, obnoxiuos assholes( said Phoenix had more than Denver...) Kauai, the music biz/Pony Canyon.... etc. We had a few party favors thrown in for good measure too. It gave me a TOTALLY new perspective on him. What an interesting PERSON. I almost forgot who I was talking to for awhile. Too much fun.

Finally about 4 AM........we decided to hit the "hay". We said our goodbyes, planned the Kauai camping trip (soon) and watched him walk off down the hall with a promise to do it all again soon........( he did come back in 5 minutes to get his glasses he spaced out) It just goes to show (how nice the guy is) that it NEVER hurts to ask.

higher than high mtnhigh

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