Pic by John/451/sob Photocredit

 ...at 4:00a, we float back to DIGC, check the tropical temperature of our
 executive suite, then head down two floors to what has become the default
 post-post-new-years-eve partay for those still awake.  the room is 1006, the
 name on the credit card belongs to one kurt boehlein [pronounced 'bay-line'].
 the doods enter to find kurt, kurt, sob, chef norm, hersh, lion, theresia,
 diana, cathyleeb, joe, craig, and a scary host of others enjoying the tunes,
 the company, the new year, chips & dip, and the p -eople.    :|~

 5:30a:  GQ and i are of the *first* group to leave kurt b's room.  brunch
 is in five and one half hours, and our plane leaves o'hare in nine.  happy
 new year. Romo

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